I Dreamt I Won the Lottery!

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      $24,500 to be exact! And I was with my sister 😯

      No idea what game it even was. She told me we won $20,000 and I took ticket to machine and it lit up $24,500 and started spitting out wrapped $100 bills. I remember being excited cause it was 4,500 more than what she said! She never plays and I know of no game that pays out that much (I think hitting 4 digit is 5 grand) plus the way the money spit out was more slot machine-esque

      She drove to Trump rally with friend 🙄 I will have to tell her to buy lottery ticket out there and I will buy one here. Either Powerball or Michogan Lotto draws tonight. That pays out millions so maybe we just hit a few numbers on that

      It is weird too because this past week 2 of the 3 digits I used to play both hit. I wasn’t traumatized cause I just don’t play anymore.

      I will look up what draws for tonight and how many numbers we need (I think 5 plus powerball) and I will buy one ticket for myself and you can help me select the other! Yay!

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      Definitely play it!

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        Wow for some reason I thought you would shoot down idea while citing some statistics

        I love [email protected] Step on over to Lottery Lounge and select your number! (i.e. BG Lottery Club)

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