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      In my everyday life of using the internet, i have seen many American who hating their own country/gov, and that makes me ask myself some ques that nagged me for quite a long time.

      Q1: Is there even a single American who have trust in his/her government?
      Q2: Why did conspiracies pop-up if anything happened in US(like the one in Las Vegas lately)?
      Q3: Do American think of a country that is/maybe better than their country(United States of America) in any aspect? If so which aspect of which country?
      Q4: If US government is not trustworthy, when was the lies started? How did they lied to civilians? Why are they even lying their own citizens in first place? (I think folks here will answer “because of jews!”😁)
      Q5(this one’s): How do very small group of religious like jews even effects in politics of other superpowers like US, Russia, China, India, etc…? How is it even possible (president of the world’s nations also have big brains, so why did they even abused their own national approved citizens for some unimportant religions ethic?)?

      Moderators of the site will already recognize me, cuz i had asked this type of noob question about months ago. I asked Q1,2,3 and 4 because i can’t stand citizens of best nation on Earth crying like a bitch for how bad their gov and how they don’t get enough human rights or how their health care if sucks. C’mon guys think about other countries, you people should have some love for your country and a little trust in your gov. How did your country comes in the first place if your government is/was not good enough. I’m not a American, but i see as an outsider that you American people are just very(yeah very) over-criticizing your government, it can only make your government more struggle to focus on real issues for the states. We all have seen China gradually becoming a superpower by the start of 21th century, and as we all know China has its own goal to surpass US in world’s stage, economically out militarily. I have writing all this regardless of my English skill because i have afraid of China becoming the world’s Police, you know what i means. If US citizens wouldn’t change their mind set, they will outmatch in notime. Just compare these two morale status of two nations, in China they have absolute trust in the communist party>as for US no matter which party took the seat, citizens of US doesn’t gave a s***.
      Chinese have intense nationalist ideologies, which are the main forces that driven the Chinese citizens want to outdo the US in every aspect>in US people are thinking about other’s issues than their owns, like when their gov is spending of their own national/military budgets for freedom of other countries(involving in other causes), still US citizens wrongly accused them as abusing human rights/bullying other small countries, these are wrong in so many ways my friends… The truth is, what you thinking of what’s happening in those 3rd worlds were wrong/false/incorrect. To be honest, I’m from one of those countries US has involved in the past. This country once under the control of military junta that spending more than decade. There were human rights abuses, corruptions, blockages of communication, destroying of human resources, destroying of educational system, H distribution for youngsters(one of the best way to prevent youths from politics), army killing of protesters, inequalities in living standards …, you named it, this country once has all the characteristics of rogue country. There were humans above the law, we have seen elites/generals playing laws in their own personal needs. There were no imports from outside world(especially West), no internet, no international news channels, daily lives of people were wasted in struggling. There were some people who tried to communicate with the outside world, but we never heard about them again. We tried many possibilities in getting helps from other countries, but unfortunately our voices doesn’t reached to outside. But one day, people heard news in radio(tuning radio signals was only option to listen world’s events, and it was illegal back then) saying there was a US aircraft carrier near the boarder, and the news was little serious about it(might be a hoax/propaganda). You know how did that news effected the populations, even my friends a i were discussed in how we contact the oppositions and fight the army with them, sounds strange right? but it all really happened. I can understand western people doesn’t know how did the people of US involved nations felt, under a corrupted regime, there were no nationalist left off it, the people only call hate the generals in their minds, if they ever showed the hatred physically, they might be jailed or killed. That’s what situations under military juntas look likes. Luckily, today things are all under control here. But if there weren’t involvements of US, UN and other outside pressures, this country will never be like this. I wouldn’t even have this chance to write a suggestion on a gore site.

      Some of you might think why did i even have to tell all these stories, saying “you just have asked the questions right away”. Again i wiring down all of these because i want Americanos out there to serious with their nation, even a little amount of trust/love for the country. I means, every nations have a weak point in history, i know that. But i want to tell all if you that United States is far from corrupted like most said, and people are criticizing Iraq invasion, gulf war and recently N.Korea. You all know there was a reason in every war we fought, and i want to tell you as for those 3rd world that US involved in those issues because UN involved, and UN involved because “WE” asked for help, i confidently say that happened and all are same for others 3rd world. IMHO, you should proud of your country instead of hating, because there are so many people in the world who thanks United States government for the involvements in their causes. Instead Americans should’ve hate those small countries for always asking helps, which can caused involvement of UN, and then US. Think about your own countryman died in helping others country. I just so eager to writing down this, thank you very much if you’re reading till this sentence, i just want American people to get the feelings of people from US/UN involved 3rd worlds. BTW despite of becoming a democracy nation after those hell, most of the people in my country want go war on that corrupted army(yeah army still corrupted😂), and create new national army.

      *Please mind the grammar*

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