I made a video about a “Kill Train”

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      Road Pavement

      Do subscribe to my channel and get your friends to do the same thing!

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Happy out with the 2 posts today RP ! More sword 🗡 and Covid19 🦠 videos please !

      Did you film this one in autumn?

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      Haven’t seen a… (train) caboose in a very long time, especially a yellow one.
      Ok I subscribed.

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      “…a lot of fat people got killed.. they can suck my fucken dick…” you made me laugh and laugh , man.

      You are an Angel walking amongst us as you always brighten my day ,like the Sun coming out from behind the clouds .

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      That was a cool video brother, and a beautiful old train that was for sure. Take care my man, and Best-Gore brother, as you sounded a little out of breath there, and it worried me a bit. I say this as it reminded me of myself a couple of weeks before i had my heart-attack 12 years-ago.

      Cause just walking up a 20 step staircase that was in an upper unit of a 4 story building at work,,, i had to stop, and take a break halfway up, in order to catch my breath again before continuing-on. I JUST could not catch my breath dude, and whatsoever.

      I Guess my smoking habit of about 1 3/4 packs of smokes per day did not help the situation. I Still smoke that much, but i am able to catch my breath quite easily now since they inserted the stent in my heart and cleared the blockage, as it made a world of difference.

      Have you ever gotten checked by a cardiologist to see if you have any blockages, or do you maybe have a bit of Trouble breathing because it could it be asthma? Below is a link that might help you eliminate this possibility by talking to a Mayo-Clinic Doctor/Expert In this field, that can answer any questions that you might have concerning your breathing.

      I Will subscribe to your channel also, if you would have me on with you’s.
      Again,,, great video, and thank-you, as it was a super cool train, (which btw) is something that i have always loved as a kid, as still do as a big kid now, lol. Fuck dude,,, that sounded like that Pull-Up Commercial, bwa ha, ha, that has the kids all sing together at the end of it,,, I’M A Big-Kid Now!, lol 🙂

      Mayo Clinic

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      choo choo choo, ha ha ha

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      LMFAO with the badge!!!!!!!

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      what mine can’t flash?

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