I smoke crack, so what?

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      Ive managed to smoke it for years, whats eveyone elses problem?

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      Lord Wankdust

      I’ve been cutting back on the masturbation somewhat so that is no a problem (if it ever was). My glen is cold, damp and misty, but it is a Scottish Glen so no surprises there.
      Your lungs will be fucked after years of this abuse. You will retain your own lung mucus and that will cause repeated bacterial infections, horrific breath stench and as the sensitive flesh down there starts to rot out, there will be very bad effects on your health. The skin breakouts, open sores and muscle-tissue loss is unavoidable while you smoke crack. Welcome to your world.

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      Marky Ramones Wig

      Crack`s fun, I just hate the fucking the depression on the come down , I love the first pipe, have a big huge toke then hold your breath for as long as you can, good stuff………..takes your head off………

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