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      I bought a bunch of clothes online. I haven’t bought clothes in very long time. I bought 3 tshirts. 3 long sleeved shirts. 1 hoodie. 1 pair of pants. 1 pair of sneakers. Pajamas

      Everything sucks lol. Well, almost. The three tshirts are hideous. I do not know what I was thinking when I selected the colors. Aside from that they fit really odd. Definate return

      The hoodie pisses me off because I was unsure on sizing so I went on their “live chat” the customer service gal told me I should go for Xsmall (I originally selected medium) I laughed and said that is probably what model is wearing and I am not her size. She told me it runs big, the bust is 39.5 inches, my boobs are 34 so made me think she was right

      I should have stuck with my instincts and let her talk me down to a small, that would have been perfect. This one fits but what happens when I wash it? It is really super cute! But that in turn made me opt for size small long sleeve shirts and again they fit but I like things bit bigger

      Pants were total hit 🙂

      My great deal on pajamas is cautionary tale. I didn’t read the fine print. $15 was just for the top. The bottoms were another 20. I selected to pick that up in store so not sure I will keep. Tough to pay $35 for something one will sleep in, not get laid in

      OMG my sneakers are awesome!!! They are really super comfortable!! If I don’t wear socks or lace them 🙁

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      What kind of pants? For me ordering clothes online is hit or miss especially with shirts and jackets. Finding leggings or skinny pants online though has worked well for me. I’ve yet to find some leather skinny pants that fit right though.

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      Lmfao! You are totally pants obsessed! Wow . I got mine on big discount and now they are gone or I would send link. I guess they are like cargo pants, far cry from skinny leather ones. My sister used to have a pair . I tried them on and they looked hot as fuck. This was 20something years ago. I cant tell if you are guy or girl but she got hers from Bebe. Store may not be around anymore, last I looked it was trashy garbage

      I would never normally order a bunch of clothes online. Takes too long and too much hassle especially now that I have to return some stuff

      LOL I cannot get over your last 20 comments are all about pants. Awesome! Making me hum this 😆

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