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      They flirt, and do and say things they couldn’t possibly be feeling. Why do I have such bad luck, dating women? Im like a dog in the sense that I could genuinely have feelings of love for someone quickly when it comes to true attraction … But is that just some warped mental defect? I can only think of women my age in a couple different ways when I see them. Attractive, interesting,out of my league , possible potential mate – or gross girls I could not have an attraction to. Every time in my life ive ever had feelings for a girl other than sexual urges it has hurt me in the end and then gave me a genuine dislike of them. The single mother I had posted about went bad already, she said she wanted to come over last night but when I asked her to let me know if she was coming over it was like oh I hope so 🙂 never a straight answer. No I’m not waiting on you to let me know if your coming over all day until after 10 so I went to bed. And she was all kissy face emoji goodnight sleep well. I replied you too 🙂 she screened every single one of my messages today and was on facebook all day wouldn’t read my messages. so I told her I was crazy for trying to date a girl from this area anyways let alone a single mother and then I told her she didn’t deserve a good man and won’t find one but I told her good luck with baby daddy #2 . I wouldn’t even hate fuck the dumb slut who’s probably just lost her pregnancy weight and back riding the cock carousel. She was making some kind of power move or something. But screening my messages all the sudden, all day until I call you out on it then you try and act innocent I mean. I can’t be that bad at human interactions that it just so happens something like this happens when ever I try and date a girl I am truly interested in. I always fool myself into thinking their someone and something their not. What should I do? Keep masturbating and praying . probably shouldnt put that in the same sentence but we do still live in sin sorry, god. If their is a god he must surely look down on what women have become and say, “No, they have been corrupted” as they have become pedestalized and make upped and facebooked and instagramed , I mean some girls have over 15,000,000 men drooling over digital images of them because they have a nice ass or whatever body part(s)? Its so hard to find a potential mate as a guy. I’m decent looking and smart so I wouldn’t settle for less but It should not be hard for me to find a girl that looks attractive to me, at least in makeup and be a loyal person (like god intended) then hey, good to go! But I think even that is a fairy tale and impossible for most men. Sure there literally has to be a female on earth right this second that if we met we could happily spend the rest of our lives together. But I don’t think ill find her ever. And Idk maybe the only way to have any sort of relationship would be to completely objectify them. To the point that I feel nothing but a sexual desire and have no interest in anything but sex

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      Lord Wankdust

      You need to get wisdom my friend. If you are still young then hear this and learn. If you are older then hear this and weep.

      “A creature made of clay” – remember that. Then weep some more.

      Masturbation is your friend. The answer does not lie in what she has been doing on Facebook. Good luck on the journey.

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      From my perspective, sounds you were badgering her to meet up and she was busy. You have lost your shit because she wasn’t immediately available on your terms and given her vile abuse for it. This is an overreaction. You ARE bad at social interactions.

      Sounds to me like you are determined to see all women as villains, probably due to past experience. You’ll need to shake that mindset if you actually do want a LTR. Are you going to lose your shit with everyone who might be too busy to return messages right away? Some people may have a life that revolves around more than arranging a date. I am all for stereotypes, they usually come from a place of truth but how about allowing someone a little more than 24hrs before dismissing them entirely?

      Then again, when I see someone using the words ‘women’ and ‘corrupted’ in close succession, I have to concur they are particularly jaded. You don’t want a woman, you want a Madonna.

      You make me slightly angry, so I promise that I won’t reply to your threads again with the rare opinions of a normal person 😉 Sincere good wishes!

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      Mr Spock

      @Terry3xo, if that is indeed you in your profile pics, you’re one handsome devil, objectively speaking lol. Not sure why you have such bad luck with women in this day and age, lol.

      Still, you can’t be worse than me. And you certainly are not alone pal.
      Without having TOO big a head, I have what most women CLAIM they want, on paper, according to dating sites.

      However the reality is different. When I was in my 20s and 30s, women would not give me the time of day.
      As matter of fact, I thought they preferred men like you, LOL.

      When I got past 40, I started getting a lot of attention, from career women over….er…40! LOL. Online and IRL.
      Now, never mind that their most attractive days are behind them. Men tend to be more forgiving than women about looks. However I’m more concerned about the fact that starting a family with a woman that age is not safe, for conception. Also, a lot of women that age have baggage, from failed relationships. You’re not going to be evenly yoked.

      I’m not sure what to do anymore. I told my friends about my predicament, they just laughed and told me not to be such superior cunt, are you like this at work as well?

      I’m NOT being superior. Just applying the logic and reason of Spock to a situation. Only career women over 40 are interested in me, it’s not the sort of female attention I want.

      Anyway, my point is, Terry, not to beat yourself up over it. A lot of guys are in the same boat as you. Ok, not in the same boat as you, but in an equally fucked-up boat, sailing in the same direction on the same choppy waters lol. Cheer up, lad lol.

      Thank God for the May Bank Holiday, I’ve just put 200 sunblock and am off to laze in my garden, with a beer and my laptop to look at more Best Gore, yay!!! 🙂

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      All excellent writing and advice from the latter three. Terry, i am not going to give you advice. Not because i dont like you but because i am tired out with emails etc. I do like you.

      All three advisers so far have given you much food for thought and i would say you will profit immensely from taking even one point from each of them.

      Now one point stuck out. Why did you follow up with a woman who did not attract you originally? I am not saying women do not grow on you because i know they do. Yet ,you said in your own words she did nothing really for you. Surely,putting all your effort into a woman you really like and lust for would be better for you and her in the LONG term. After all,you did say you want a relationship, not just a quick fuck.

      , do not give up on terry. He is young and needs a neutral woman’s advice, not scorn. I loved your advice and want to hear more as i am sure Terry would to;even though you dismissed him. Please do not leave him😙.

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        I’m determined not to turn into ‘Mother’ here, as much as I’m tempted 😉 Nobody likes Mother and her advice! Anyway, the advice of a neutral woman is as useful around here as tits on a fish!

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      Well I certainly never meant to offend anyone and appreciate the responses, I knew I was in for something good when I seen @hopingfornemesis @Mrspock and @Deathdew However, to my female respondent who I know is an intelligent being – your views are respected too. I have much food for thought on this matter, and as far as good looks, I have been told I was good looking all my life, I never questioned it or was self conscious until the popular beautiful girl from the preppy and me started talking that was 8 years ago and I was 16. She told me I was good looking and what not but I also know she sent many warning signs early on such as her excuses and last minute cancellations of dates, she led me on for over a year. We would stay up all hours of the night talking about anything and everything. Finally after so many months of doubt and what not (keep in mind this is my first attempt at a girlfriend) she invites me to a football game my school vs hers and she wanted to hang out with me the whole time where my school shirt ECT , I mean she hyped it up pretty big, then when I got there we briefly met outside the gate upon arrival and she told me she would be right back and I never seen her the rest of the game and she wasnt returning my messages. Then my buddy Eli informs me she was seen swooning over a groupvof soccer players and I mean I had been trying with this girl for a long time but had reached my breaking point that night. Of course when I asked her about it it was obvious she didn’t care and so I knew it was shady and I was essentially being friendzoned so I stopped talking to her. Not that I didnt think about her but I ignored her fir a few days and she came around and messaged me on facebook like “hey! I’m at the soccer game you should come over” so hope wells inside me once more and I get dropped off at the soccer game and I talk to my crush looking in her eyes and not acting weird or anything for awhile and she even keeps her eyes locked with me the whole time. I go to hug her when im and she withholds and then informs me she can’t hug me because her boyfriend is at the game playing soccer. I ended up telling her off very shortly afterwards. I should have more to add to this and respond to all valid points that have been made but I’m going to have to take a short break.

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      But one thing for Sure is I can’t say if my looks have given me an advantage when it comes to dating at all ever. Maybe in the initial stages, maybe to get quick meaningless sex from some woman that fucks every guy she considers cute. I would be open dating someone older than me even by like 10 years but I am done with games and I nip it at the bud every time I see warning signs now. You can’t factually disprove that these waening signs don’t exist from very early on. As I could have assessed I was being played within the first week ok talking to said girl but it was deug out way over a year before I asked her before I told her off, do you only like me as a friend and her response was, well you’re very cute but I think we should just be friends. I’m not scared of being friendzoned now because it is impossible, I do not befriend women anymore. And I always watch for the signs. Say what you want but when someone who was just blowing you up with kissy faces the day before, is on messenger all day long and doesn’t open any messages from me that tells me that they either think they have got me and will continue to ignore me as a power play to make me want them more or something shady. If you were busy you wouldn’t sit online all day messaging others and ignore messages from someone you were interested in the day before would you? Only thing I can think of is power play. No I wasnt badgering her to come over yesterday in fact I never asked. I said good morning and sent maybe 3 other messages over the course of about 14 hours before telling her off.

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      dating or looking for a fuck is quite a low vibrational primal kind of way to go about your life. everything is energy and you attract a similar frequency that you emit. your body is just the vehicle in this physical realm. so in your law of attraction state you are attracting low end low vibrational type of females who are dont have much depth and thus .. are emitting that frequency. my advice to you is to broaden your horizons mentally. you should start to store your semen and only release once every 2 months maximum, as this is vital to male vitality and health not just physical but mentally and emotionally. (il link the pdf where it explains how vital semen retention is to males) you should learn a language and explore how this world is really run and read a few hours everyday if you get the time, really try to expand your mind. avoid low vibrational shit like TV and mainstream media and also avoid toxic foods and music. get out into nature and understand how body mind spirit are all connected and how negative thoughts can actually give you physical symptoms. try to deepen your spiritual side and view of the world and push yourself with challenges .. maybe learn how to be a public speaker or something that is relatively difficult and requires lots of skill and is a craft. push your mind and listen to powerful binaural beats to relax and take time out to connect with the power and magnitude of the universe and how you can channel that energy into yourself. learn about ancient civilizations and expand your consciousness and realise how insignificant one whiny friend-zoning bitch is on the immense scale of this life and your personal life. fulfill your potential outside of dipping your cock into a pussy and your self improvement will start to attract more like minded women who you can connect to not just physically but mentally and your frequency will emit a different waveform and people can sense that, especially women and you will start to see classier and more intelligent women come into your life and thus you will significantly improve your love life in all areas.

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      You should just try dating instead, don’t be so hung up on this whole relationship thing, have fun and don’t ever show even a glimpse of clinginess.

      You’ll have a pretty good idea on who you’d like to start something long term with these dates after a while.
      It’s usually a mutual friend or somebody you already see all the time, so keep your eyes open, she’s not far.

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      Empty soul


      “Im like a dog in the sense that I could genuinely have feelings of love for someone quickly when it comes to true attraction … But is that just some warped mental defect?”

      “when ever I try and date a girl I am truly interested in. I always fool myself into thinking their someone and something their not. What should I do?”

      “there literally has to be a female on earth right this second that if we met we could happily spend the rest of our lives together.”

      Within the above lies your answer.

      What you call feelings of love is in fact just physical infatuation.

      You cannot love somebody you have yet to even get to know and understand because at that level of contact the person doesn’t even exist yet, just your presumptions of them. What is happening then is that these women who you are instantly falling in love with are in fact ticking the right boxes when it comes to the physical characteristics of your ideal dream woman and you are simply filling in the blanks yourself hence your continued disappointment after the fact.

      What we can take from the above is that looks are the most important factor when it comes to your choice of partner because otherwise your feelings would not be so quick to form nor your hopes so readily dashed. Nothing wrong with that. However, there probably will need to be compromises made when it comes to the personality department because the chances of the woman meeting both your physical requirements and your personality requirements when you have set them so stringently is not high. Well, unless you win a few million on the lottery or something. The odds tend to get better at that point.

      Alternatively you will have to make compromises in the looks department if the personality requirements are an absolute must. Personally, my own youth was spent juggling between these two factors until an attainable level was reached and I started to get my ship docked in more and more ports.

      Your last point about wanting to find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life happily with is probably what’s hindering you the most because such thoughts and ideas when voiced and pushed at the beginning of a relationship tends to be a relationship killer as no one wants to feel boxed in and suffocated during what should be the self discovery period of the romance. It sets the alarm bells ringing and causes a sudden rush of feet towards the nearest door.

      “You’re the one” syndrome also lowers your chances of actually finding the one because it discards perfectly good opportunities in favour of wishful thinking and perfectionism.

      To summarise my advice. Don’t expect women to come tailor-made for you. They are not prefabricated structures that can be moved to and fro and be the way you want them to be straight out of the box.

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      The Black Wolf

      My advice:

      While you still can.

      Do not allow women to fool you, to seduce you into their sadistic games. Do not allow yourself to be tricked by their apparent kindness and allure; they all operate with the same principle in mind — fuck everything they see. The spirit of treachery, deceit, and obviously, “shadiness”, lies within every woman. It does not matter how nice they seem. There are no exceptions. It is a genetic flaw that our pussy-whipped society has chosen to overlook for centuries. To them, life is a game. People are toys. They fight for equality (and no one should be suprised to see that their little “movement” has long ago started to deliberately tip the power scale in their favor. They do not fight for equality, they fight for superiority, they fight for control), yet on a daily basis they cement their blatant inferiority for the world to see. Do not be fooled. It’s time to stop letting whores lead you on only to destroy you in the end. As soon as they find an opportunity for someone less qualified to fuck them, they will take it, every day of the week…there are no exceptions. Responsibility must be given to the responsible; only when you break free from the chains the flock of whores has slammed on the world can you find true happiness. Let them add to your happiness, not define it. And when they begin to detract from your happiness? Break them. Under NO circumstances should you let your guard down, even an inch. To them, it is an opportunity to feed, to swallow the humanity that remains inside you so you will submit to their truly evil ways. Trust no one but yourself. But distrust women especially. Watch your life change for the better.

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      To the tag writer.. dark hair weaves a snare.. well done. I like it!

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      KNOW THYSELF. this is the key to understanding not just relationships but this existence altogether. we waste so much time pondering on what others might think of us, of how they see us or we even imagine how they might feel about us when they might actually think the opposite in their authentic true self. so many smoke and mirrors and white lies when it comes to others and how they actually operate. so you forget them and focus on YOU ! KNOW THYSELF and you will slowly become untouchable by disingenuous people because you just repel that vibration. you are your own heaven and your own hell. if you attract people that fuck you over then chances are you are a match somehow in the lifestyle you lead, how did that person come into your life and what kept them around ? KNOW THYSELF and the authentic you and you will master your emotions and learn how to distance yourself from the people who dont match your true self your authentic self. when you KNOW THYSELF you can only match with people who also have that energy.

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        Listen to what @haydolf_hittler has to say – personal improvement, that’s the key to a good and productive life that is worth living. Improve your mind, body and spirit, constantly. Go to the Temple of Iron, exercise, read lots of books, know what the hell is really going on around the world, eat healthy, never lose touch with nature and avoid degeneracy at all costs. Resist the temptations and live a simple life. There’s much more to do in terms of personal improvement, but those are the basics.

        Seeking a long term relationship is the right way to go imo, that’s what I’m going to do too. How old are you, Terry? I’m 19 yrs old yet and not losing any time. I’ve been in a journey of constant improvement for the last 2 years. One good thing about us men is that we have more time in our hands than woman do. More time to put our lives on the right tracks, and women generally prefer older men. So even if you’re on your 30s you are still young.

        I’ll only bother with long term relationships when I’m in my late 30s or early 40s, and that`s when I’ll also be in a good situation that will permit me to do what I want – live in the countryside and have a big family, 5 kids at least. I don’t know if you’re White, or if you’re redpilled, but the woman you seek must be intelligent, and that’s hard to find these days. She does not need to be as intelligent as yourself, but she can’t be brainwashed and stupid. She must be intelligent enough for you to redpill her yourself so you both have the same objectives and know your union is more than physical attraction that will fade away quick. Hard, but not impossible. But then again, what in life is good but easy to achieve?

        But as I said before, personal improvement is the key. What if you find a woman with such potential, but you’re not prepared? Make sure you’ll be prepared, improve yourself! Opportunity doesn’t knock twice.

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      Wow. The amount of human knowledge and intellect in these responses is astonishing, motivating and inspirational. I have screenshotted alot and hope to always remember these things and the astonishing reality and complexity of humanity and genius of the brain.

      Sincerely, I appreciate your responses and am glad that this information and knowledge has reached me. I think I’m ready for a whole new beginning in life and things have been going great. I want to do many of the things talked about by haydolf and always wanted to since I was a young teen. I was pretty lost and confused most of my teen and young adult years and now I am on a position where I can do those things and finding out who I am and who I want to be and how to be the best version of my self is so exciting.

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        In addition to what the others and I had to say, I recommend you to watch the videos below and then, start to follow Youtube channels of the same kind. You will only benefit from such knowledge. Watch these videos below only when you have enough time to do so, so you actually pay attention to what is being said and learn something.

        Mandatory videos if you want to put some real perspective in your life regarding this important topic. Let me know your thoughts after you carefully watched them. Now I sincerely wish you the best and hope you make the right choices. And you will, if you properly improve yourself.

        Good luck.

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        Empty soul


        “Wow. The amount of human knowledge and intellect in these responses is astonishing, motivating and inspirational. I have screenshotted alot and hope to always remember these things and the astonishing reality and complexity of humanity and genius of the brain.“

        Terry3xo, I highly suspected you were just trolling right from the start and now it is obvious you are. Still, you have made me laugh at least. Well done.

        I look forward to your next “existential crisis” where I can play the agony aunt once again. Lol.

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      For what’s it worth, if someone told me they were coming to hang out but were vague about when and if, I’d find that shady. I’d think I was their plan B or plan C if things fell through with their actual first choice. I don’t think you overreacted. Don’t ever be someone’s second choice. As far not getting back to your messages: if they were just off-the-grid, I’d assume they were working or driving or something. But if they answering other people or posting online, then it was rude. I just don’t like that shit and I don’t think it’s pushy to expect courtesy.
      However, your statements that made it sound like you’d allow yourself to be “too easy” are on you. Many people will use your affection as a way to get things from you. And it’s not always women. I once was infatuated with a boy so much that I gave him quite a bit of money. He had no serious interest in me but he played me so well. I kept thinking it was going to go somewhere but he had several girls basically supporting him. I was really young but I’m still kind of pissed. Lol. If you have a “feeling” that you’re having to fight to be of interest to someone, you’re probably getting used.
      Lastly and I know this is so boring and empty but don’t try to find someone. It seems when you focus on yourself and you’re happy, someone just comes along; unexpected. Best wishes.

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      Rouge Kitty

      sounds like you’re pursuing fairly young females, since you say ‘girls’, more than ‘women’. A lot of Girls do play games, so do Boys. It can be just immaturity, insecurity, or lack of intellect. For what you are wanting and expecting from these girls, what are you offering in return? How do you think you are being perceived? How can you expect the world from someone if you can’t give them the world in return?

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      Hi Rouge,how’s the extra work going. Still tiring you?


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        Rouge Kitty

        Hey Nemesis! Yeah work is still rough, I got promoted at least, so I’m ALMOST getting paid for all the time I’m putting in.- going on 12 days in a row right now. How are you doing my friend? Good to hear/see you as always

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      Simple rules to success with dating for the average guy:

      1. Don’t date single moms.
      2. Don’t be a needy douche bag, expect her to ignore you at times just to see how you react.
      3. Accept help and criticism, but don’t rely on a woman completely for anything.
      4. Expect a woman to throw you under the bus when it serves her. It’s in her nature to do so.
      5. Don’t expect her to take responsibility for her own actions. It’s not in her nature to do so.
      6. Don’t date women with lots of tattoos or unnatural hair color. That has both skank & crazy written all over it.
      7. Do NOT give her flowers or cards, especially if you haven’t banged her yet. This one’s very important.
      8. Never text her random bullshit about your day or ask her how her day is going. Only use texting for meetups.
      9. Never text her long messages. Texts are for short exchanges of information, phones are for conversations.
      10. Don’t date single moms.

      11. DO NOT date single moms.

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        @coffindodger You had some good points and some silly ones too. I appreciated a “how’s your day” text and notes (not really cards but similar.) I’ve stayed with the man over 10 years now. His gestures were nice. I really liked the notes and still have them all.

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        How long have you been married out of curiosity @coffindodger?

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      To the guy who said I was trolling- There’s alot of great advice and knowledge in this post and also personal information that others have shared that relates to the subject at hand. I was never once trolling and I beleive some very intelligent people chipped in and I am thankful to have so many responses all of which have had something of substance to add except yours- which makes you a troll?

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        Empty soul

        Yeah, that was me. Sorry.

        I tend to only post in the late evenings when drunk, which nowadays is mostly always.

        I think it was the overblown reaction towards our advice that set me off. I sort of felt that it couldn’t be real that you had found great genius and intellect within our makeshift love bureau and that you were so deeply moved and inspired by it all you screenshotted it so that you could remember it always.

        It felt a little bit over-the-top personally and a praise too far. Still, I fully recognise and acknowledge that my own sense of disbelief does not automatically make for the truth and that by commenting as I did all I was doing was being a dickhead and an egoistical one at that.

        Drunk or not it is still shitty behaviour. I therefore apologise.

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      @Emptysoul its ok I smoke weed every day just about, and it helps keep my ego in check sometimes.. It helps me be more self aware and aware of others and the impact of my behavior on them. There’s been some times in my life where I have trolled people on the internet and been a very selfish and careless person towards others while drunk , or just when I was younger in general . I’ve always found ego to be good in some aspects as far as knowing your place in life but some peoples egos are so warped and far from reality it just makes them a really fake person thanks to rap music and other influencers . but losing your ego is very important it can happen with weed and stronger things like LSD which is too much for me. Thank you for a sincere apology broski

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      Hate to break it to you, but the ideal love relationship that we all would like is dead now. Thank (((the Chosen))). I learned that the hard way 9 years in. Be mindful that the warm fuzzy feelings you seek from women is your biology making you think you need to “reproduce” to be at peace.

      I’m not suggesting you go full MGTOW, but I agree with your view of the “corruption”. Feminism Fucked EVERYTHING.

      Work on yourself and don’t let yourself be defined by or controlled by WOMEN’s whimsical nature. That is how they were made; to fuck with your head and see if you break (the shit test) because they biologically need to determine how well you handle their BS. If a Man can deal with it, then they know when the shit really hits the fan, you will be cool, calm, and collected.

      I’ve noticed that the world “fucks” with us in a way to test our growth. DON’T FLINCH! Don’t react. Be the best man you can be and keep women at arms length. Watch, you’re going to get riled up, pump and dump some Thot, and then she’ll either make up some accusation or get knocked up and then you’re REALLY on the hook for a kid you will have no access to and be bankrupt from child support. Or she could just call the police and say you hit her when you have a disagreement. All situations where you “need” a women lead to YOU GETTING SCREWED OVER. Women don’t really give a fuck how we think or feel. Focus on yourself, your money and career (save for retirement, Roth IRA), and a fun hobby that makes you feel alive. I lift, but I also do music(drums, sing, guitar), build RC planes and drones and shit, pottery, and push my bro to do the same.

      The more you don’t need women, the more they want you on YOUR TERMS. No single moms is key like dude said, but here’s one important one:

      This will help too: https://dailystormer.name/
      Watch Bladerunner 2049; AI Waifus (wife) and Sex Robots would take better care of you than a woman. They don’t really love us. Love goes downhill. A woman will never “love” you the way you love her. Just like a kid doesn’t love his mom the same way she loves him. The kid’s puppy will never love him the way he loves his puppy. It is about procuring resources for baby making. Women are just nesting instinct driven animals with a child’s mind. Think about it. They won’t.
      When was the last time a Woman meant what she said?

      Me: 39 never married, no kids, stacking mad dough. Now I have a reputation for being “rich” and a “dick” because I make it clear to women that want to exploit me that I want to have nothing to do with them.

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      I’m really offended by that and I’ll expect an apology.

      We both know I’m a MASSIVE bitch 😉

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