Iceland Food’s TV Christmas Advert Banned for Being Too Political

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      The ad was banned from broadcast on TV because apparently in the UK, paid advertisements are illegal if they promote political messages, except in the run up to election time, when political parties are allowed a small number of party political broadcasts. A comment on YouTube says it was banned because it was made with the help of Greenpeace, which the UK considers a political organization:

      Clearcast, the body responsible for vetting ads before they are broadcast to the public, said it was in breach of rules banning political advertising laid down by the 2003 Communications Act.

      When the Jew doesn’t want you to see something, then it’s up to us to share it on the web so the people can see it.

      Iceland Foods pledged to remove palm oil from their store-brand products.

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      Empty soul

      I don’t agree with censorship but the banning of the ad aside I believe that you may be falling for advertisement think Mark.

      Iceland sell carcinogenic products all the time, be it cigarettes or heavily processed meat products. They also sell environment damaging plastic products as well.

      Iceland is also a frozen food specialist with it’s main core being to buy cheaply reared meat from abroad where the food standards are lower, freeze it to extend it’s shelf life and then sell it on at home at an high markup.

      The above of course requires global logistic chains and lots of trucking which of course creates an higher carbon footprint thus damaging the environment that much more.

      Iceland is not an wholesome, caring company then. They do not give a shit about peoples health. They do not give a shit about the rainforests or the environment. They do however give a shit about what the consumers think about the rainforests and the environment and this is what concerns Iceland because Iceland want’s to keep on selling it’s products to those same consumers and they want to keep on increasing their market share and profit margins.

      The truth is in the wording,

      Iceland announced that they would end the use of palm oil in all their own brand products due to the concerns over the environmental impact of palm oil.

      Emphasis on “end the use of palm oil in all their own brand products”.

      In other words they are not going to do away with in-store brand products containing palm oil because brand products are their main source of income. What they are pledging to do then is to do away with palm oil from their own in-house Iceland produced and branded products.

      Market brands of course have to be purchased from external suppliers and the larger and more known the brand suppliers are the more it costs to buy from then which reduces the markup. In-house own brand products however can be made cheap and sold high which is why more and more supermarkets favour them.

      The problem is however that own-brand products are seen as inferior by much of the consumer base and this makes them harder to sell which is why many supermarkets strategically place their own-brand products in the middle of the shelves and right at the checkouts so that they are the most visible product and why they place the externally produced brand products out of sight so often.

      Anyway. To get to the point. Iceland is merely trying to boost it’s own profit margins by promoting it’s in-house products on a moral platform via politicising it.

      They are essentially saying that they are good and everyone else is bad and that only via them can you save the world……….by increasing their profit margins.

      It’s almost like a magicians sleight of hand trick wherein they get you to focus on one hand so that you forget all about what’s going on with the other.

      I wouldn’t have banned the advert myself then but it is shitty tactics to promote themselves with.

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        I didn’t know all that. Interesting


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          Empty soul


          Supermarkets get up to all sorts of horrendous shit and they get away with it.

          Tesco’s own in-house Willow Farm brand is a good example here.

          Willow Farm is a fictional construct. It does not exist as a physical place. It is just a brand label that gets attached to any in-house meat they sell to the consumer.

          Tesco even buy their meat from other budget supermarkets and repackage it as Willow Farm and at other times they get their meat from Romania and Thailand and such and repackage it as Willow Farm.

          The main point being that they are on purposely selling badly sourced dodgy meat as home grown British produce.

          Iceland do the same and no doubt all the big chains do.

          Type in Tesco Willow Farm scandal into any search engine and see for yourself. It’s a shit show.

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          Walmart here in the U.S. does the same stuff E.S. I flat out refuse to buy their brand “great value” and refuse to even shop in their stores for that matter. Informed consumers would agree.

          I’m a quality over quantity kind of person. And support local economy even tho I hate our taxes being squandered and not spent on me. Cool that you are an informed consumer.

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          Empty soul


          Every individual is a consumer, voter and societal actor.

          The only power and influence we possess as individuals then is that of our individual actions and if we do not wield those actions accordingly we end up supporting and promoting our own demise.

          I am an informed consumer then in the same way I am an informed voter and an informed thinker in that my own thoughts and sense of self preservation precedes and influences my own physical actions.

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        All very true @empty-soul. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Iceland had created this advert with the full knowledge that it would be banned. The publicity of having an ad featuring such a ‘righteous’ message and a cute cartoon orang-utan banned is working tremendously for them. It’s PR that a budget supermarket that sells cheap, waterlogged meat and processed ready meals would never have been able to afford. This advert could have ran all the way to Christmas and not gotten the attention its had over the last few days. Marketing guys need a raise.

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          Empty soul


          “It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Iceland had created this advert with the full knowledge that it would be banned”.

          They played an absolute blinder that’s for sure.

          Had it been kept they would have got to play their good vs evil hand wherein all the competition are made out to be evil and if it were to be banned it would create the exact same thing but on a magnitude far greater. A win/win tactic.

          I think Iceland have an evil genius on their hands here. The creator will definitely get that raise.

          You see this sort of tactic in the modelling industry a lot wherein they promote disabled or obese models and make them run the catwalks. I even saw one where they used down syndrome people as models for their catwalks.

          The above obviously causes quite a bit of controversy which makes it trend on the internet and garners huge amounts of free publicity for the modelling agency because now everybody is talking about them.

          What they don’t point out though is that these disabled, obese models are only ever used by the agencies every now and then and 90% of the time it is back to normal with classical looking models.

          Basically what they are doing is glamorising physical imperfection in an attempt to rejuvenate their own market of physical perfection by breaking the monotony temporarily because the world of modelling is saturated with perfect looking people and often becomes routine and boring to look at which amounts to lower publicity and therefore lower sales.

          As you might expect though the modelling agencies don’t actually give a shit about imperfect people, they just use them for their own gains.

          Politicians often do the same. Pretending to care about things they couldn’t give a fuck about because there are gains to be made that way.

          It’s a shallow world.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Beautiful commercial. Thank you all for the added info and insight.

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