I'm done with these little ass boys

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      I'm done with these little ass boys

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      Bed treated? Huh? Is she looking for her third baby daddy? “Hit me up”? Doesn’t she mean, “knock me up”?

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      Muh white race is so intelligent……wait.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Ugh! How many times have i seen “treat me like a queen”? It means she’s looking for a doormat to walk on. I bet there’s loads of little ass boys just champing at the bit to treat her like a queen. No MGTOW though. Well, maybe one will slip her a length the hightail it outta there.

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      She should stick with big ass boys. They know how to eat. Mmm.

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      Mr Spock

      LOL….you guys just don’t get it. She’s done fucking around with all the bad boys who make terrible father material.
      (Why do you think they are not around?) lol.
      Now she just wants a loving, beta cuck provider type, to help raise her ‘mistakes’ up.
      The problem is, even most betas out there don’t want to shack up with used goods, they are looking for nice girls.

      This gives rise to the eternal female complaint “Where have all the nice men gone?”

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      Alpha fucks, beta bucks

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