In Her Heart She Holds My Death

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      She resides in the memorys of regret.

      A false realm of silent screams.

      Where every dream holds me.

      A gentle sweet embrace of mine.


      She still ensnares my soul.

      Clouding my dreams with her wicked words.

      Engluf my mind with her empty gaze.

      Ensnare my soul,raping my fears.


      The night falls,raining down tears on me.

      She never stops whispering.

      Her story of my death.

      Preying on me…every waking hour.


      Her breath blow upon me.

      The blood runs cold in this heart of mine.

      Kill me, my love…slay me slow.

      I scream…from your soothing touch.


      Please tell my why I love it so?

      The shadows grow long as night approches.

      Yet she speaks,telling me.

      Showing me the reason of self hate.


      She has become my convictions.

      Like hands around my throat.

      Squeezing…chocking down agony.

      A connoisseur of true pain.


      A dance of stillborn insanity.

      A quite internal rage of loss.

      The state of lunacy.

      What an enormous lie love can be.


      She is beautifuly wicked.

      Forever hurtful,she will always be.

      She loved me once,and lost her mind.

      The purest truth lies before me.





      In Her Heart She Holds My Death.

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