Incoming Mossad False Flag Attack on America

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      Mossad has “warned” the US that Iran is planning an attack. Reading between the lines, this is code for “Mossad will attack America USS Liberty style again”

      Expect US forces to be be attacked in the near future. The attack will be blamed on one of the Iranian proxy groups. The US response will be used as a distraction for an invasion of Venezuela.

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      It’s happening:

      Mossad False Flag

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      What exactly is the threat of Iran? They refuse private central banking. They sell their oil for currencies other than the US dollar. Iran refuses to live under US puppet rule.

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      Seraphim Serenata

      Forgive me but I am going by my memory……..which is shit!

      The one dude with fancy head scarf was killed by his people… shit!

      anyway… it was something about Europe or middle east saying fuck you to USA … we have gold. sorry, mate.

      The 7 Countries… ONE BY ONE taken out..

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      Seraphim Serenata

      also… I remember ISIS peoples said they were TIRED of waiting on the revolution and wanted to SPEED UP the process….

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      Empty soul

      If a Mossad false flag operation is going to take place it will happen this Saturday during the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Israel.

      With the eyes of the world on them they may struggle to resist making a scene and blaming Hamas and Iran for it all thus further promoting the global need to defend Israel and attack Iran.

      I foresee an explosion or two and a truck attack happening this Saturday in Israel. Perpetrator ID to be left at the crime scene of course.

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      I Do not doubt it one bit brother, and hhat you stated above will probably be played-out exactly as you said it will. And how better to use Venezuela as a pawn at a time like this. Brilliant Analogy Brother Brilliant Man 🙂
      Those Dirty-Ass Fucking Jews ust Doing What They Do Best By Starting/Creating, & Executing False-Flag Wars. 🙁

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      What’s the end game for Zionists/Jews?

      What is this all in service of? Just Jewish supremacy and global rule?

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