Incurable Corruption

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      The vacant word to describe the echos.

      The depiction in my decaying heart.

      Inside that which is nothing.

      I can no longer write…as I once did.
      The firery passion…
      To express myself…openly.
      Is beyond my understanding.

      The poison that was upon my soul.
      It caused me to lose touch.
      Robbing me of the love…
      I once prided myself on.

      My love is nothing now…
      Word on paper…black and white.
      My attitude is as empty as the page.
      My affection has become…nonexistent.

      A emotion…
      A Incurable Corruption…
      My dreams have become a void.
      Hiding in the shadows is your voice.

      I am lacking…
      Lightened my body.
      Weighed down my soul.
      I’m half of who I used to be.

      I see things are just photographs.
      A single frame…
      Still life is lifeless.
      Happiness is a memory.

      Letting go of….humanity.
      Lost my compassion.
      You snatched my heart…
      I give in…willingly.

      Incurable Corruption 

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