It's Hard Reading Gender Facts When Your Whole Life You've Been Brainwashed

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    Vincit Omnia Veritas
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    When from every media, every school, every government institution, every movie, etc you’ve received nothing but clit sucking propaganda, having to read actual facts aloud makes for really uncomfortable moments.

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    GDPR Harvester
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    That last one wasn’t having any of it, To think these women bring up males. Anyone remember all those 90’s men articles telling men how they should behave. That was a big push to turn men into pussies

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    Great video. They also provide a lot of sources in the description.

    These guys made another very good video about illegal immigration:

    And another one about gun control, although I’m wondering why the original video is no longer available. (((Youtube))) shut it down perhaps?

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    Empty soul
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    It was quite amusing and interesting to see them go through statistical evidence without much thought or opinion and then towards the end, once the final product obviously failed to meet their current expectations and narrative, became resistant to what it was they were actually parroting.

    The above tells us that narrative is the most important factor for them, with actual evidence being secondary and therefore merely a footnote.

    Anyone with half a brain would have started to question and demand answers right from the get go, not just towards the end. Fuckwits, the lot of them.

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    Death Pod
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    I just found these videos a night or two ago, also. The red headed woman in the feminism video reminds me of my sister in law. She also refuses to believe anything contrary to the narrative she’s courted for so long. Even when shown statistics and studies she will either roll her eyes and shrug it off or get offended and tell me and my brother we’re being ridiculous. She also parrots those absurd “rape culture” stats.

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    I’m glad that reading these wouldn’t shock me. I’m not glad that it’s true and bad things happen to men but I’m glad I wouldn’t be getting new information. The only one I hadn’t specifically heard was about domestic violence. I knew that both men and women were guilty but I didn’t know if there was a substantial difference and the video didn’t give stats so I’ll probably look further into that.

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