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      Sorry if this isn’t allowed, please don’t hate me

      Anyone’s thoughts on this guy? I used to be a regular visitor to bloodshows, then one day it just stopped loading, I searched the site on facebook, and come across some post about how the guy was using crystal meth a lot, maybe the mixture of drugs and a hell of a lot of gore made something in his brain snap and he thought it was a good idea to murder his neighbours?

      Either way, keep up the good work all staff at BG, thanks, love the site 🙂

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      Apparently he killed himself after killing his neighbor. Sounds like a grade-A scum bag. Article I read didnt mention meth, just that he barricaded his home and police checked on him several times right before the murders.

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      Ah shit man, you know what these articles are like, they add or takeaway things for their own agenda lol, but either way it’s messed up for real!

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      So sad. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the 8 year old could have been thinking during that time and then murdered.

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