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      I don’t have a Twitter account and rarely go onto the website for any reason other than to occasionally get updates on live events etc.

      I happened upon it earlier today after reading a few reviews of the upcoming Joker film and some of the things I saw made me sick.

      No-mark ‘blue ticks’ collating only reviews from females and coloured people, trying to rubbish ‘white men’ and the supposed connotations that releasing a film like this could have.

      The vast majority of violent crime in the UK and USA is committed by coloured people, despite them being a minority – for now – of the respective populations.

      The sickening and to use the kind of terms that they employ, ‘racist’, ‘intolerant’ views of these idiots are not only sanctioned by Twitter but encouraged and cheered along.

      Joker is currently showing a 97% positive aggregate, with 5/5, 10/10 and 100% from virtually every major publication, but all you’ll see on Twitter is these bitches ignoring facts and reality to demonise ‘white men’, the same demographic that are responsible for everything that they’re currently using to shit out their non-thoughts and demented bullshit.

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