Julius Malema – Man Who Called for White Genocide in SA, Now Head of Government

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      Skip to around 4:16

      Julius Malema – the man who called for the white genocide in South Africa, is now at the head of government. A new law was passed to deliberately take farmland from white people in SA, but the media is silent.

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      Empty soul

      This is why you need to visit and read more leftwing news websites Mark. The leftwing are all for this despite themselves being against it when the colour black is changed to white.

      Personally, I say they should go for it. South Africa will become the new Zimbabwe and collapse and the niggers in Europe will face even more opposition than before. A win, win situation as far as I am concerned.

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        The British Royal family have totally abandoned the whites in South Africa. Unreal man. What the hell is wrong with Queen Elizabeth? Letting all the British colonies get flooded with non whites and Britain itself?

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      All the whites in South Africa should leave. Australia seems like it would be a good match for them.

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        @happy @theprotocolsofzion @thedre @empty-soul

        Oy vey, here comes the nazi with his antisemitic lies again! I’m pretty sure he’s trying to commit another Holocau$st™ with all of this hate speech.

        Now regarding all of these lovely people in the post, well, yes… they are jewish. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure this is just a coincidence hehehe, one of those HUGE coincidences. It is ludicrous to try to connect all of these people together as if there’s a jewish global domination plan. That’s exactly what we like to call an “antisemitic conspiracy theory“.

        Just a coincidence, goyim. Just a coincidence!

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        Empty soul

        The Jews have made a fundamental mistake though, that being that dispossessed people become more racist and less likely to ‘mingle’ despite the Jew’s views to the opposite.

        There is a very good reason why libtards and diversity lovers are mostly always from middle class and affluent backgrounds and that is because they experience no negatives from it. Immigrants are not moving into their well-to-do neighbourhoods, only the less expensive areas and they are not competing against them for employment opportunities either because most immigration is of the low skilled variety so on and so forth.

        In the above, those who have been dispossessed as a result of mass uncontrolled immigration become hardened and hateful towards immigrants and they stick with their own race/group out of sheer self-will and self-preservation and raise their children to hate immigrants as well.

        Therein lies the issue in that the vast majority of people negatively impacted by mass uncontrolled immigration belong to the largest demographic, white working class, and so you end up with the largest acting base hating all immigrants and refusing to tolerate their presence which hardly lends itself to the Jews plans of biological intermixing and white genocide.

        The second issue is that within the mass migration of peoples into western Europe so far the largest demographic belongs to eastern Europeans, the Polish, Hungarians etc, and they hate niggers and Arabs more than anyone else does so I fail to see how that speeds up the white genocide plan considering eastern Europeans and western Europeans are far more likely to choose to biologically mix with each other rather than choosing to fuck a member of the dumb ugly ape race.

        The eastern Europeans themselves are whiter than white and will not allow their own populations within their own countries to procreate with spear chuckers. Then there are the east-Asians, Chinese and Japanese etc, who will never, ever allow mass migration into their own lands and despise race mixing within their own ranks.

        Historically speaking as well whenever white people have felt threatened and endangered they have always turned violent and monstrous towards outsiders without exception and with their natural abilities and ingenuity they have always won.

        The far right is already gaining traction all over Europe because of this mass uncontrolled immigration issue and it‘s not showing any signs of slowing down. The Jews plan for white genocide may have to wait a little bit longer.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      He must’ve said “peace” or “peacefully” 20 times, mad fucker.

      That Sutherland dude in the graphic there died last month, and boy was the media and dignitaries fawning over him big style.

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      @1purple8 it’s interesting that that Sutherland speaks of humankind, yet how could anyone include Jews within the humankind, when they are completely devoid of the very thing that makes humans human – compassion.

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      That’s Fucking Wild Man!!! But Seriously,,, This Guy Is Mistaken By Blaming The Normal Average White Christian Population… #1- He Is Either “Too Fucking Chicken-Shit” To Blame The Real Culprits By Name *THE-RRRROTTEN-JEWS*,,, or #2- He Just *Fucken-Stupid* Plain, And Simple, Not Realizing That (We,,, THE WHITE DUDES,) Have Had The Same Fucking Problems Here,,, (IN THE WESTERN WORLD) Too! And The Problem Always Been **THOSE JEW-CUNTS** DUMB-ASS,** So Grow Some Fucking Balls Man,,, and Say It Like It Is, What??? (YOU SCARED TO TAKE A BULLET LIKE KENNEDY COWARD?)

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