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    Hey gore friends…. glad I’m not alone HAHA …. for some odd reason death fascinates me however after watching some of these fucked up videos I have a hard time sleeping and get a pit in my stomach but I can’t stooopppp

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    Hey, welcome to bestgore, that feeling in your stomach will stop once you become desensitised to the violence, Check out some of the ISIS beheading videos and put them in slow motion, that should help.

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    I felt just like that after watching my first beheadings videos back in the early 2000s. The Eugene Armstring video seriously rattled me. Nowadays I would like to watch a beheading happen in front of me. The key word as the guy above mentioned is desensitisation.

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    Are you getting actual nightmares? What happens in them that suggests it’s caused by gore. Must be interesting.

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      Soooo never logged in coming to this site but I’m on every week lol…. since this post I can say I’m pretty much desensitized… I’m part of the gore club!

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        Welcome to the club! I was desensitized by constant nightmares long before I was introduced to this site so I didn’t go through the same experience with the pit in the stomach and trouble sleeping, but I did binge like hell on the site’s content when I was linked here. I had also started looking for gore by the age of 13 which may have helped but it was nowhere near the quality found here. Back then it didn’t bug me and instead it keeps me from having nightmares and allows me to sleep soundly at night. Otherwise, if I am away too long, my nightmares come back.

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