Kevin Spacey Releases Bizarre Video – Threat to Pedo Jews?

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      Kevin Spacey hasn’t been seen for a year, having seemingly fallen off the grid after some uncomfortable exposes about his possible involvement with pedophilia and trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island, and now he comes out with this video, in which he drinks from a mug mentioning the British royal family (Prince Andrew, anyone?). It’s as if he’s sending a message to pedo Jews that if he goes down, he’ll take them down too. It’s possible he’ll commit suicide in the coming days by shooting himself twice in the back of the head.

      Kevin Spacey Releases Bizarre Video - Threat to Pedo Jews

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      GDPR Harvester

      very bizarre

      like nothing else ive ever seen before

      who is this boy he supposedly fucked anyway?

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      Kevin Spacey with the Clintons, who also took trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island:

      Spacey with Clintons

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      That Was Incredibly Weird Indeed @Mattjack666 & @Happy. And you’re probably right on the money with your analogy Mark, cause he seams to be getting some slack, & Getting-Off (No Pun Intended),lol from The L-A District Attorney’s Office with both his Big-Time Jew Layers getting him off on technicalities on a few if not all of the related cases.

      But Kevin Spacey Will After-all always Be Seen As One The Usual Suspects no, Mr. Keyser Soze, lol.

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      George Carlin – The big club

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      I loved this video, but it just felt to me like the undertone was ‘I’ve been such a naughty boy, but you all missed me, didn’t you? House of Cards was crap without me, wasn’t it? You LOVE it!’

      And he’s right. I do miss him, even if he’s been a naughty boy. He seems like an awful, wonderful, fucked up and talented person.

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        Hamburger Bob

        It’s no surprise George Carlin died not long after this.
        Ted Gunderson style.

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      Guy does analysis of Kevin Spacey’s video:

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      Jeez Mark,,, You *”Yet Again Brother”* were right on the money, right down to the Fucking Teacup Man. He Has Got Those Jew-Cunts By Da-Balls, And If Successful, which he’s been so far, with the L.A. County District Attorney
      Office already dropping a few Charges, I Can See This Happen All Over, And The Whole Thing Always Blowing-Up In JEW-PIGS-FACES,,,, Ahhh A Beautiful Thing This Would Be No? Everybody dumping on the Jew, Finally 🙂

      But Back To You Mark,,, You Would Of Made One Hell Of An Incredible Detective Man. But Problem is you would not fit-in cause you’d Bust All Your Partners, lol, cause you would simply be “TOO HONEST” and TRUE, and Start Busting Half the Cops In Your Precinct, After giving you no more Partners, lol, ha,ha! 😉

      But on A More Serious Note:
      If You ever decided that it was time for a Career Change, and Wanted out of Computers Completely, Something That Would Both, Keep You in Top Shape, Something Super Exciting, and That Pays Big,,, “BIG BUCKS” You could quite easily Become A Private Investigator/Detective Carousel-Cunt-Snatcher.

      Please check-Out The Message I Sent You In The Contact Form, Cause I Did Not want to take the chance of loosing everything that i’d already written on here so i just copy/pasted in contacts PLEASE READ-IT You Will Be Quite Surprised I Think. 🙂

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      New video from Kevin Spacey. “Kill them, with kindness…” Recall that his accuser “died” which resulted in a case against him being dropped.

      You didn’t think I was going to miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you?

      It’s been a pretty good year and I’m grateful to have my health back. And in light of that, I’ve made some changes in my life and I’d like to invite you to join me.

      As we walk into 2020, I wanna cast my vote for more good in this world. Ah yes, I know what you’re thinking…can he be serious?


      I’m dead serious.

      And it’s not that hard, trust me. The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack. But you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can… kill them with kindness.



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      You couldn’t make this shit up – Ari Behn, Norwegian ex royal who accused Kevin Spacey of groping his genitals, commits suicide one day after Spacey posted the cryptic video. Funny how Spacey’s accusers keep being “killed with kindness”… One time is happenstance, two times is coincidence, but three times is enemy action.

      I like how the Wikipedia article put quotes around the word “suicide” on Ari Behn’s page.

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        A creepy fuck if ever there was one. I do believe he is sociopathic narcissist able to hide his feelings behind a friendly face. His father was a known brute ,raping his brothers (and him?) A known violent thug ,rabidly racist .

        Spacey has not spoken to any member of his family from the moment he moved out of home (trauma?), And his brother turned into a woman. Any one piece of info on its own is ok,all together paint a picture of a very disturbed individual.

        I must say I loved him as an actor.

        So another witness gone ha? Funny that. His powerful protectors have sent out the Black Bag Wetwork boys to clean up for him.

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          Three Accusers of Kevin Spacey Silenced

          When three accusers of Kevin Spacey mysteriously get silenced, you got to wonder what are the odds.

          Kevin Spacey does hang out with people who have a long and documented history of “neutralizing” their accusers:

          Kevin Spacey with Bill Clinton

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      Kevin Spacey Taking Care of Accusers

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        That fucker always looked a little spaced-out ta me to begin with.
        But now,,, and for the very first time,,, I wanna give that Jew-Bastard
        A fucking Trophy. Remember his award winning movie & performance in The Usual Suspects??

        Great Movie If you never saw-it, here is the whole awesome movie below Boys/Girls,,, Enjoy! 🙂

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      Doesn’t it make you wonder why Spacey has always been such “a natural” and an incredibly talented actor when playing out these sicko type roles? And with this being said,,,does it not beg the question that,,,is he simply just living out his real life while on set, during his very best performances, and critically-acclaimed movies? I am positive that he is actually not acting but simply being his true self while on set which would make-it so easy for him to deliver these incredibly life like performances while playing these roles. And the same goes for us when watching him supposedly acting-out these roles no? So is he simply being himself on set, and acting while in public???

      I truly think so, which is why he is so darn good at it movies that is, lol. Cause in many of his movies where he is an intelligent sicko of sorts, he is so incredibly entertaining that you cannot,,, cannot even for one minute take your eyes off of the T.V. or Movie screen. And with that soft, and smooth voice, that intelligent And ultra freaky/spooky smirk of his, (that everybody loves to hates) has made him one of the best all time creepy actors and right up there with (Anthony Hopkins) in The Silence Of The Lambs. Which begs the question,,, Is he really acting, and being his true sick self when on set, and acting in real life & in person??

      Don’t get me wrong guys i am not saying that he Spaced-Out Spacey was not a diddler, and loved fondling woman when ever he got the chance to do so, along with committing a murder. But what i will say is that he could have simply been guilty out of association, especially befriending diddling homo’s, and being the best of friends with known, tested, and true pedophiles like The Clit-tons & with Now Dead & Dirty-Rotten Jew Jeffrey Epstein, Just to name a very few.

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