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      Can’t watch…I am disgusted by seeing people kissing open mouth like that. Really. Even on TV, but especially irl. When you add in same sex kissing….ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! It’s repulsive! I’m weird. Can you imagine what a porno does to me?! Funnny that I can watch a man’s head get sawed off haphazardly but watching an open mouth kiss gives me the heebie jeebies.

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        @illegalsmile55 Your ‘non-sexual’ result is starting to make sense 😄😄 I got the same in that test!

        I’ve never like seeing people kiss in public either. I barely hold my husband’s hand in public! He walks too fast and it gets sweaty, who needs that?! 😝😝

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          Ha! You two are” cold fish”. You both need chilli -paste rubbed into your vags to warm you up. Haven’t seen despy’s latest answer. She probably came out weird again Hahaha

          I will be less than polite and remind you two that you are meant to answer it as per you were in your Twenties!! Not as more mature women! 😉

          Pre/menopausal takes on the survey aren’t called for…

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          @hopingfornemesis PRE-MENOPAUSAL?? Fuck outta here with pre-menopausal.

          I think I missed that it was meant to be taken as if you were in your 20s but my attitude wouldn’t have changed. PDA is nasty.

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          Haha. I knew it would rile you up!

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      At least they were relatively attractive. I’m plagued with the fact that every great new series i watch must have a gay couple in it who have to kiss and fuck….

      5 percent of the population and we have to see a gay in every show. Worse than having to watch a pro- Israeli in every show as well.

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      Lord Wankdust

      I know. Children at Primary School are now taught that rimming is a fun and natural expression of love and that slipping your penis into an exit-only alimentary canal which is crock-full of shit, bacteria and disease is a good sexy idea.
      I don’t even approve of public kissing by heterosexual couples. It is horrible.

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      This children is why they are called, “privates”.

      My privates = none of your business. As well as your privates, including your videos, none of mine.

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