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      Rouge Kitty

      Have any members considered allowing their final moments posted to Best Gore? Would it have to be stated in a will? All legal-like? How would we get it posted? I know Facebook has a feature that gives POA to someone of your choosing, why not here? I would have no problem with anyone sharing images of my corpse in here. Anyone else feel this way?

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      I wouldn’t have a problem with it, if it was interesting enough to post! I don’t think anyone would be interested if it was just some old lady hacking through her last breaths in a nursing home but if I went out in an interesting way in a blaze of dismembered limbs and still beating heart, I wouldn’t mind!

      My husband would never go for it though, nor would the parents and I wouldn’t do that to them. Can’t see how anyone could refuse if it was in a legal document though. You could name someone in your will who’s cool with it to post footage of your carcass?

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        Rouge Kitty

        I think I would have to make that part of the will a secret from my family if I go out while they are still alive. But if I die old, I have an exit plan for my hubby and me. When Quality of life is gone, Quantity of life really doesn’t mean much. We have no kids, so I don’t have to worry about them finding our corpses. We will get in the car, park in the garage and die from carbon monoxide poisoning. If I put a note on the dash with instructions, it might have to be followed. Not the gory end so many love in here, but it might be kinda cool to see someone you “knew”.

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      Too sad and morbid for me ladies. I hope I never get to see your corpses here! I know ….i am too tame!

      There are a few types on this site that may enjoy helping you to make those exits though!



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      P.s you both come across as being so similar!

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        Rouge Kitty

        @Hoping for Nemesis lol, I think that on a site like this, other than the attention whores and misogynists, we would all have similar beliefs and outlooks! 🙂

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