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      Left vs Right

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      To be fair Mark the left and the right do exist and do have very pronounced differences. However, those differences get smaller and smaller the higher up in society you go until eventually becoming one and the same at the top.

      It would be more correct then to say that political differences exist only for the masses. For the strutting libtards with their hipster personas leftwing politics is absolutely real and socially defining. The same goes for the rightwing and their political propensities as well. But really though, this doesn’t appear to apply to the political rich where it is common to see the likes of Donald Trump socialising with Hilary Clinton at parties being hosted by oligarchs, rich Jews and Saudi Princes.

      In Britain we had Tony Blair’s Labour party for a long time and now we have the Conservative party. You couldn’t really tell them apart though because they are both basically identical. Sure, their manifestos make them appear different but I can’t remember the last time a manifesto promise from any party ever got carried out. Then we have the Liberal Democrats who got into power a few years back by forming a coalition with the Conservatives and despite the Lib Dems being a far left party compared to the rightwing Conservatives the Lib Dems backed every single Conservative political policy made and put forward even though those policies completely ran roughshod over their own liberal manifesto. This is not at all surprising though I add because Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems all have within them an affiliation called the “friends of Israel” group which they all have to sign up to. Pretty much every single modern era Prime Minister has been a member of it in fact.

      It is quite clear then that most first world political parties adhere to the same set of guiding principles, that being conformity to the status quo.

      The above aside though, you won’t be able to get the voting masses to sit at the same table and socialise like the well-heeled do because like I said, right at the bottom of society those socio-political differences do exist and are manifested daily. We also have religious differences as well not to mention nationalistic differences and racial differences. Basically, most of the first world(Western Europe/America/Canada) are not homogeneous enough anymore to actually get along and work together for change to take place. Eastern Europe, East Asia etc however still are and that is why the Zionist Jews fear them more and are doing their best to “modernise“ them.

      I guess if I had to sum up modern first world politics I would say it is a game pushed to stoke division at the bottom whilst boosting conformity at the top.

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