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      GDPR Harvester

      Believe me they dont like the truth.

      So lets talk about jews and what you know abiut them…

      I grew up in a german ancestral family until i was 11 then my bitch mum married a mixed race german jew. His father ud think was a nazi from photographs.

      I never knew he was a jew, but i later in life through tough struggles that a mixed race jew is a jew, same with any other race. They mix with white and they are at the core of themselves that other race. Hence the white mans struggle against other races. This is why we are a warring race, because we win for us and no one else. However things seem more fucked up than ever, the apocalypse is coming 2019.

      So, jews… they dont like facts because they like the secondary faculty Belief.

      What ive learnt that trumps all other things about jews is that they are factually inferior to whites but they believe they are superior. They have s thing where they have a natural consolation that the secondary mental faculty of belief comes into play… they Believe they are superior. But it always loses by the law of the planet that fact and truth is the original and authority whereas belief is secobdary.

      They Believe they are superior when they are in fact inferior.

      What else do you know about jews?

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      I know they have big noses because air is free. 😀

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        GDPR Harvester

        Haha thats true

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        Your remark clears up a few things from my childhood, including this:

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          GDPR Harvester

          Is that u commentating? Lol

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          Happy to help, anything else I can do for you? 😛
          The dude in the avi on that clip looks familiar to me….
          *cue Twilight Zone music*

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      Jews are fairly unique in that as far as i know they do not like to blend in anywhere they go and have been thrown out of almost every country they have moved to.

      Why? Well they do not blend in because their Holy Books tell them they are special to God even though those same books tell them they are punished by God because they are transgressors and a stiff -necked people.

      They are related to the Arabs(Moslems) and like Arabs(Moslems) have been horribly cruel to anyone else when the buggers have the whiphand!If they ran their country as their Holy Books tell them ,it would look no different to how ISIS behaves in Syria and other troublespots today.

      They wield too much power in proportion to their numbers and rule the world in a defacto capacity via their stranglehold on the political strings in America. This they achieve by many ways but notably via their neocon/israeli Lobby and the duping of Christian Zionist Evangelists of the Bible Belt.

      The only other people so despised and keeping to themselves are surprisingly ….the Gypsies! They also -being Indians originally -have a caste system and consider others and “marrying out” as unclean.

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        GDPR Harvester

        They definitely are not related to arabs. Jews hate arabs and are completely seperate as a race. They only share an abrahamic faith. And are from a close by part of the planet.

        Its a myth jews are pulling the strings in america, the jews are being brain picked by the whites and made to look important. With american presidents donning the skull cap in israel is just manipulation of these pathetic but intricate people.

        Ive been studying jews first hand in close quarters since i was 11 years old, i couldnt let it go. If anyone knows about jews from a factual point of view its me.

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          I beg to differ; according to the Bible ,custom and genetic research the Jews(at the very least Sephardic Jews),Samaritans and Arabs are Semites and thus cousins.
          Hebrew and Arabic are related and so close they are mutually intelligible,as close as German is to Dutch or Italian to Spanish.

          Hating one another is immaterial. The French and Germans are enemies for ever but racially they were and are the same people;an amalgam of Celts,Germans and in France’s case some Mediterannean blood as well ,especially in the South. France’s name is from the Germanic Barbarian tribe ,the Franks.

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          GDPR Harvester

          they definitely are not related.

          i know this for a fact, to the very core of their being they are different.

          their first ancestors were from different animals thats for damn sure.

          im not going the route of researching writings, because text doesnt go back to the beginning of human evolution.

          i know this because the planet tells me so.. sometimes he lies for reasons, but this is no lie… they are different fucking races. the only relation they have is that they come from the planet originally. im not giving you my opinion, i am connected in the world and aware, im not sitting on the computer researching biblical texts, i know people, i know arabs i know jews, they are not from the same animal.

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          Ok @mattjack666. Cool.

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          GDPR Harvester

          semitism is achievable by any race it doesnt prove anything. its basically just stubbornness and refusal to move on from original beliefs. but jews are retarded, literally. they literally cant moven on and are totally stubborn.

          and how are they cousins? how the fuck does that work? whats your back up, whats their family tree look like then? you cant just be cousins, what was going on before then? it doesnt make sense, you just go back as far as texts go back, youve got no fucking clue how it all started…

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          GDPR Harvester

          at the very beginning of human evolution when different races were born as tiny human embryos from different animals… they didnt learn languages until a long time after, so factors including coming from SIMILAR part of the world comes into play when it comes to SIMILARITY in faith and language and ways of thinking.

          you clearly dont understand fundamental differences in races, and probably havent even thought of how it began.

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      GDPR Harvester

      jews, they believe they are behind everything.

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      GDPR Harvester

      jews, they want to mix with the white race.

      they believe they are superior jews when they are mixed race with white. and then try and take over white establishments with their patheticness.

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      Most Original Jews Were “Not White” But Instead, and As Nemes Stated, were Of Middle-Eastern Descent. And These Are Called The Ashkenazic-Jews That Were Mostly Based In Germany, Which in my view, but only after reading your comment, on Your Step-Father’s skin color, and that he was from Germany Himself (Unfortunately) Most Likely Was My B G Brother @Mattjack666.

      But The Sephartic-Jews on the other hand, which are Hispanic Descendants,instead of German,they too also have a brownish tinge to them. So You Can See That with Both of them Having A Brownish Tinge To Them, Something Like those disgusting (Gypsy-Scum), but they were a little lighter,They The The-Jews Were A Non White Breed.

      The White Jews that You Often See Today, Have Became White Over time By Marrying And Having Offspring’s With White Mostly Christian Women, wanting what we have had all along,,,which is (A Pure White Race) something that they have always longed to become.

      And They Have Done This (Breading With White Women)for 2 Important Reasons. #1- It Was Being Done To Put A Stop to What Was Then Major Jewish Inbreeding Practices At The Time,That are still prevalent in their genes when you take a close look at how truly deformed many of them are.

      And #2- And (Most-Importantly),,,To Become Themselves The Only Pure White Race That They’ve Always Dreamed Of Being,in order to become The *ONLY* White Race In The World, lol. And this is why they Continue To Push, And Push So, So Hard These Interracial Marriages, that we see everyday now in our Western Countries.


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      For Those Of You Who Have (NOT SEEN)This Beatles Song, and video, it refers to The Elite,,, or The-Dirty-Jew
      That Play In The Dirt While We (The Little Piggy Slaves) do All Of Their Dirty Work. Awesome Video That Was Banned For Awhile In The U.K. But Might Be Available Now,,, If You Dig Deep. Enjoy! 🙂

      IS That A Subliminal Message About (THE NOT BUILT YET) TWIN TOWERS ??? As They Were Only Completed In 1972

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      GDPR Harvester

      They are very unnatural, calculated usually quick intricate logical thinkers.

      Will complain about every single thing that doesnt suit them.

      Expects to be treated like royalty.


      Shit at sports unless they are mixed race with white.

      Not natural fighters, physically.

      Cowards, they all lack courage unless mixed race with white.

      Will always be a problem unless you learn more about them.

      Intolerant of all things that dont suit their beliefs of how to survive.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Pathetic, snivelling cunts.

      Anti goy, secretly.


      In this thread please avoid history lessons, what i originally meant was what have you found out about them. Ive certainly put a shift in.

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      GDPR Harvester

      The most manipulative jews usually mixed race with white, will always try and turn the tables on you.

      For example you say a fact about them like they are cowards, and theyll protest their innocence to death and say that you are the coward. But facts dont lie and even if they believe they have won the battle they have not won the war and will stumble and face problems due to the fact being stated to them.

      Mixed race jews with white are more manipulative and problematic than straight up orthodox shekel collecters.

      The best way to manipulate a jew is to tolerate them, understand them and state facts to them. They hate a fact and it really gets their knickers in a twist. Because they BELIEVE they are superior their beliefs are proven Wrong when facts are stated.

      Imagine that.

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