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      Level of Single Mother Failure EPIC

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      Facebook Surrogates

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      Another George Soros Jew-Paid Cunt, i’m sure, Spreading Single Motherhood Filth All Over The Street. SICK-CUNT!
      Ugly crooked legged cunt needs to be shot before she has a chance to Spawn More Freaks, Cause you don’t give identity choices it is already given to you upon conception then at birth, By God!

      So By Confusing The Fuck Outta Young Kids And Driving Them Into A State Of Shock, & Then Into Full Retard Mode, is Brilliant Parenting Mom. Now Go Try That Shit In Russia And See WHAT HAPPENS! That Makes Me So Mad Mark, that i would love to run-up to her and quickly, slap her in that ugly face of hers *Real Fucking Hard* & Then Run, lol 😉

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      See that is what scares me.

      You were able to change the poster yourself with simple off -the -shelf tools. You can no longer believe what is in a photo or video any longer.

      If it is important enough for people to lie ,they can and will even people like us ie not gov.


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      Empty soul


      You have to love the left’s moral positioning, its twisted like an old man’s spine.

      Can’t have sex with a child, they’re not old enough to know themselves and consent. Fair enough.

      Can’t give them a bottle of wine and a spliff, they’re not old enough to know themselves and consent. Again fair enough.

      You can however let ideologues brainwash them via externally injected and administered autosuggestion and pseudoscience and give them hormone blockers/replacement therapy that changes the natural course of their biological lives.

      It’s child abuse. Simple as that.

      The main difference being that certain groups are allowed to do things and get away with it whilst others are not, much like in your “Acceptance of Free Speech Across Multiple Backgrounds” post.

      Sex with children is wrong, but one look at the Pakistani paedophile gangs of England for example shows you that the government, police and liberals gave them a free pass.

      Leftwing groups like Antifa are allowed to physically attack people but rightwing groups are not.

      Muslims are allowed to hate gays and ladyboys but Christians are not. Black people are allowed to be racist but white people are not. So on and so forth.

      To conclude. The far-left get given a free pass to abuse children where others would not.

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        And conservatives continue to pass anti Male laws in the west. Lol. I don’t care about morality. I care about guys with guns forcing me to pay for EVERYTHING.

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