London Police Brag About Disposing and Taking Off Street These Dangerous Weapons

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      Feeling served and protected yet?

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      Empty soul

      Welcome to Britain, Mark.

      I don’t know if you have ever been here before but the British police nowadays are nothing like they were in the past as represented by such tv shows as The Sweeney and The Professionals. They don’t actually solve or prevent crime anymore, preferring instead to spend all their time harassing and fining innocent people such as motorists for doing 55mph in a 50 zone. When they are not doing that they are prosecuting and fining people on the internet for “thought crimes” such as racist and sexist commentary.

      In fact such a case generated big headlines recently when a Scottish man who taught his pug dog how to do a Nazi salute whenever he shouted sieg heil and then posted it on youtube got arrested and taken to court and is now looking at jail time. All this of course going on whilst real actual criminals get let off with every crime imaginable. Murder for example often gets you no more than 4 years in jail, sometimes even less. Burglary doesn’t even get you arrested normally, unless of course you rob a rich persons house in which case you will get jail time. Robbing a bank will still get you 30 years plus though so it’s nice to see where the priorities lie.

      The British police also got in big trouble recently when it came out that they had prosecuted and jailed hundreds of innocent men for rape that they had never done just to meet their feminist led rape case success statistics, even going so far as to hide evidence from the courts which would have proven the men’s innocence. Oddly enough though the British police did allow hundreds of Muslim men to systematically target and rape white British children over many years when they had plenty of actual evidence to stop them because they didn’t want to be seen as being racist so I guess white people are just fair game.

      Anyway, to the point of the post. This photo uploaded by the British police is just like them. London is a war zone nowadays with acid attacks, rapes and murders a daily occurrence and they send this pathetic fucking picture to say to the public ‘look, we really are doing our jobs. Honestly’. London of course recently made international headlines for surpassing New York’s crime rates for murder. Almost 100% caused by nigger gangs waging tribal war on each other mind you like they do in every other country they infest. White people are now a minority in London I add, I got out of there years ago myself because it was getting dangerous for white people to walk the streets there.

      Anyway. With all the recent international headlines making London look like the third world shit hole it now actually is this photo, lol, is the police’s way of saying that they are actually doing something to solve it. In the end though their meagre collection of ceased “weaponry” merely looks like they just pulled over an innocent electrician for doing 45mph in a 40 zone, fined him and confiscated his tools so all in all it didn’t really work.

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        About on par with the Swedish Governments commissioned brochure on child marriage that included detailed direction on the activities & “physical intimacies” of adults “married” to children – aimed at aliens who’ve supposedly married in their own country & whose marriages are legally allowed in Sweden because Sweden recognizes that those marriages were legal in the child’s former country.

        Perhaps London is just trying to prevent a street fight the likes which were seen in Duisburg, Germany, where some 80 odd “Middle Eastern” migrants were amassed armed with machetes, pipes, telescopic police batons, etc. I didn’t happen to see any guns in the London picture but I did hear that some of the deaths were caused by shooters. Hmmm…

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          Empty soul


          Britain has Calais, France has it’s filter for it’s immigration take-in. That filter of course being that only those violent, murderous and despicable enough to overcome all other would-be migrants by any means possible ever gains entry to Britain.

          Britain’s immigration policy therefore is much like the Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle except with third world scum as it’s contestants instead of mild mannered salary men.

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      I visited London 18 years ago. Haven’t been since, but per what I’ve read, the press in the UK recently published stories of Scotland Yard admitting it doesn’t have detectives to investigate serious crimes, like gang crimes and murder, but Metropoitan Police said in a tweet that they had 900+ specialist officers across London dedicated to investigating perceived violations of free speech:

      Speech threatens the people at the top more than murderers, so screw prosecuting murderers. Let’s dedicated resources to persecuting thought crimes, right?

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        Empty soul


        Yeah, British free speech laws are definitely wonky. One could even say extremely and unashamedly bias as well. For example, no action ever gets taken when left-wingers make death threats towards those they dislike. You can also make any number of sexist, racist statements with impunity so long as they are from left-wingers and directed at those who are not. Those with political views on the right however get crushed and prosecuted instantly.

        Race, biological sex, religion, sexuality and gender also play a huge part in this inequality wherein a free speech hierarchy is erected that places straight white males at the bottom and everybody else above in ordered fashion. Transsexuals and Muslims for example can make anti-female comments, straight white males cannot and this lopsidedness manifests itself across all groups in some manner or another with some gaining and others losing at any given point. Equality laws are not very equal it would seem.

        It poses the question then, when is free speech not free speech?. When what you have to say becomes untenable as a direct result of your social status in relation to others it would seem.

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      More incredibly dangerous weapons seized by the police in England:

      Weapons Seized

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        What would they do with those knives?!
        “Watch out motherfucker, I’m gonna spread butter all over you”

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          Lol,, @happy & @illegalsmile55 ,,, Butter Knives??? WTF is Wrong With England/ The Brit Cops Today?? Are They, and Their Safety Officers All Suffering Paranoid Delusions Of Grander??

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