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      Been lurking for years,started an account awhile back,I’m kinda shy,a lotta weird haha. You guys and gals are really awesome to read,I’m really happy about the forums,looking forward to seeing what you lot have to say here.. Wanna know anything about me? Feel free to ask!!

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      Nice to meet you, glad you spoke up. I tend to be on the shy side too, but I’m trying to assert myself and come out of my shell. We’ll see how that goes! So tell me about the name, why lizzardman? Pets?

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      Well,when my kids were younger,we would go catch lizards and snakes goofing off,their friends started calling me that,I thought it was kinda cool,so it stuck..

      It’s not because i can lick my eyebrow or anything..LOL or is it?? haha =)

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