Man destroys cops in 2 minutes armed only with 1st Amendment

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      GDPR Harvester

      This takes real balls.

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      GDPR Harvester


      An example showing why women should not be cops.

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      That was fucking beautiful to watch. Fucking thugs got destroyed!

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        GDPR Harvester

        Thanks, Mark, I thought it was too awesome not to post. This guy actually got falsely detained, arrested, assaulted etc., along with his 16 year old son whilst somewhere else; he was doing nothing wrong, naturally. There is full video footage on his channel. He sued them in what was expected to be a landmark case; it was settled out of court and, of course, there was confidentiality about the settlement but is rumoured to be around the half million dollar mark. If you’re interested in the case it’s Hernandez vs San Bernadino.

        I don’t know how many videos he has but I’m sure it’s around 1,000 and most are pretty awesome. He’s been falsely arrested a few times but the one mentioned above was pretty bad as they slammed him to the floor. Anyway, if you get some spare time and want to watch cops getting owned by the first amendment, his channel is Highdesert Community Watch. @happy

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      You could see the officiousness and pugnacity boiling off that woman cop. Love it. I love a citizen knowing the law and owning types like this all the time.Bravo.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Holy shit, Nem, if she could have got away with it she’d have drawn her gun. Can you imagine what it would have been like if he’d not had the camera rolling?

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      GDPR Harvester

      Here’s another one from the same guy @happy You’ll like this one too. The cop he confronts here is a real danger to society. I wonder how many lives he’s fucked up over the years? He makes a big mistake here as he does it live on the net and even dispatch is warning the cops he’s live. Dunno if he kept his job but if he did then that’s really bad news. The guy is a psycho and shouldn’t have a badge.
      It’s a longer vid than the others but the action is located in the middle of the vid. If you want to go straight to the confrontation start watching around 7:30

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        Awesome video again. Love that guy. He got no time for bullshit from tyrants.

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      @robc I raise you James Freeman, who’s just as awesome dealing with tyrants. Action starts at around the 6 minute mark. Absolutely poetic destruction of the tyrant:

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        GDPR Harvester

        Fucking awesome! I’ve seen some of Freeman’s vids but not got around to this one until now. It’s a great tactic I’ve seen one or two use: turn it around by firing the questions at them. It kind of puts them on the back foot and tends to de-escalate things if they’re the aggressive type. Phillip, the guy in the above videos uses it pretty effectively here and there.

        You know the saying that the government and mainstream put out there: “See something, say something”? Well there’s a bunch of auditors wanting to get another one out there from their channels and t-shirts etc. It’s “See something, film something.” It’s a great idea. So many people today have phones and cameras and everyone who is stopped by the police needs to bring that camera out instantly. If that happened every time a cop stopped someone I think they would change their attitudes. Also, lots of lawsuits are needed; make cities cough up for bad cops. They and the people will soon get sick of paying out all that money and they’ll start forcing changes on the police. @happy

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        Fuck ! My hearts beating as if i was horny. I could not have been prouder of this investigative journo. The brains and brawn to know his shit and see it carried through! Bravo!

        Q ? Did the journo stake the detective out or was it luck he was there for a diff reason and just found this drunk cop by luck?

        @robc ?
        What do you think?

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          GDPR Harvester

          These auditors usually just turn up at the police stations and wing it from there. Contrary to popular belief, the good auditors aren’t there to provoke, they just want to make sure the cops act like they should. Most of the time they only kick off once the cop has shown his bad side. Sometimes the auditors get messages/comments about certain stations being bad when it comes to 1st Amendment stuff and so they set out to pay that particular place a visit a) to see if it’s true and b) if it is true, to ‘Educate’ those officers who push boundaries.

          This auditor uses a tactic that can be quite effective and other auditors are starting to use it more. Police are constantly fishing when they stop people, trying to get any kind of info that they might be able to use against that person. This is why it’s always best to say absolutely nothing to the police when stopped. However, if you turn it around and bombard them with silly questions….well, the outcome can be fun to watch. @hopingfornemesis

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      GDPR Harvester

      Not a major scuffle but Phillip stands up well against a tyrant once more @happy

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      You guys suck each other’s dicks… 😀

      Got to love it when pork gets put in their place and get a taste of their own medicine by being treated the way they treat citizens on a daily basis.

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        @happy Hey Mark, you know what would be cool? If there was a view count to see how many people view a forum topic or a video. That would be interesting if it was doable.

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      We need to exert our rights with these trouble makers. Start by not ruining people’s lives by flooding their neighborhoods with drugs and other self-destructive indulgences. These public servants need to learn their place in this narcissistic driven world.

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        GDPR Harvester

        As I said a few posts back: “See something, film something.” Laws concerning public filming differ around the world but in America your freedoms are clearly laid out. The simple mantra is “If it’s lawful to stand where you are standing, then you can photograph whatever your eyes can see.” This is a Supreme Court ruling. You may also film any public official in the course of their duty. This includes filming the police, even during a traffic stop or if they are interrogating someone. So as long as you are standing in a public place (or on private property where you have permission to film), and as long as you aren’t impeding them in their work, get that camera out! Your filming may stop cops overstepping their authority and infringing another man’s civil rights.

        Here in England, when I go out now, I have a hidden body-cam on me and whenever there is any interaction with anyone it’s running….and I don’t tell them. Let them hang themselves first and then inform them. It’s in public, they have no expectation of privacy and I’m not required to inform them. If they were to object I would point to a CCTV camera and ask them if anyone had come running out to inform they they were being recorded whilst walking down the street. That would hammer the point home.

        So if you’re stopped by anyone, get the camera out and running. And guys….any one-on-one interaction with a female, run that camera so you don’t fall foul of those lying #metoo-bitches. See something, film something!

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      GDPR Harvester

      This one is about a crazy cop rather than how he was dealt with. If he isn’t removed from duty after his superiors see this video then I assure you he’s gonna kill someone real soon. @happy

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      Some ” patriot “or police-apologist will come out and tell us that the cop was afraid for his life or under so much stress that he can’t tell criminals from law-abiders or some such claptrap. Lol

      I swear all the retards in the USA either become Presidents or cops.
      The cop even looked like Weinsten!!!

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        GDPR Harvester

        Hahaha! Nice likeness spotting!

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        I appreciate how you put the word “patriot” in quotes. Hahaha, there’s nothing more patriotic that supporting the oppression of one’s own countrymen by roid raging lunatics who hate the people and use their weapons and technology to subjugate them at the behest of the slave owners.

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      GDPR Harvester

      This guy is the fucking bees knees! He takes NO shit whatsoever. I’ve been binge-watching him for the last couple of days and he takes no fucking prisoners! He is on YouTube mainly as SVG News First but sometimes uses a different channel like this one; he often operates with others so maybe this is a channel linked to all of them. Anyway, here’s one to whet your appetite for this guy’s hatred for tyrants. @happy @hopingfornemesis

      Link fixed:

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        Poetic. Though not 1% of how terribly tyrants treat the people. They deserve all that and worse. Until the day when they begin the uphold their oaths and the people they pretend to serve and protect.

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          GDPR Harvester

          I thoroughly agree, Mark; some people are treated so badly that the only truly fair outcome is to actually take the cop outside and send him into the next life. In general, people don’t have an inkling that they can really stand up to the tyrants so they take what’s thrown at them which can lead to very nasty situations for them. Knowing your rights like these auditors do can put the brakes on that runaway train very quickly so it doesn’t get that far. No one should ever trust a cop. There are NO good cops out there because if there were, there would be no bad cops; the good ones would clean house!

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      This guy was recently found dead. But he sure knew how to talk to the pigs:

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        GDPR Harvester

        Apparently he was a bit of a bad boy and had an arrest warrant out for him in Nebraska. Still, anyone who can shut pigs down can’t be all bad.

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      More from James Freeman gleefully shutting down a tyrant along with denying her pussy pass. Fucking love it when tyrants are put in their place by aware people @robc

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        GDPR Harvester

        I like James, he’s like Phillip from earlier in the thread; neither of them take shit from tyrants. They call the tyrants “pussies with badges” but in my opinion, the worst ones are the “badges with pussies”. They think that swamp between their legs gives them extra entitlement and I fucking LOVE it when those bitches get put in their place.

        On another note, Mark, you have obviously seen what’s going on in the economy and I’m sure you know what lies ahead. These videos will start to lessen because it’s going to reach a point soon where these cops are going to be met with lead, not cameras. There will be war on the streets of America soon and most of the sheeple out there are clueless as to how much danger they are going to be in. I’m not saying it will start today…or tomorrow or next week or next month….but it’s coming and I’m sure you know that too. The Fed’s QE unlimited will destroy the dollar and when that falls, America falls too and those thin-blue-line uniforms will have targets on them. You watch! @happy

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