Man in Denver Shot In Head 10/10/2020

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      God is a Liquid

      Donut Eaters rush to the aftermath. Rightist “Patriot” member shot in head by either AntiFa member or Pinkerton security guard.

      Antifa member shouts “FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH!” “one less White Supremist” and “Right in the Fucking Dome!”

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      The sad thing is that most of those people are not aware of the real reason behind all this tension and chaos. It’s to bring in Agenda 21.

      That guy died for nothing.

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      On the second video on the bottom. Pause it at 0.45 seconds. The guy on the left of the screen is the guy that says
      ‘One less white fucking supremacist, fuck yeah, right in the fucking dome”.

      Blow up the video, maybe he can be identified and doxxed. He wants to celebrate white people being killed, dox him.

      Someone with some computer skills could identify him. Send this video to 4chan. Is 4chan a thing anymore?

      If he has a job, get him fired.

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      In this video at 0.09 seconds, the guy in the middle in the black shirt saying black guns matter, saying “do it one more time you gonna get it”. That’s the guy in the other videos above saying,
      “One less white fucking supremacist, fuck yeah, right in the fucking dome. That’s a clear picture of who he is. Find out who he is and dox him.

      Both of them sound the same and are wearing a black shirt and green pants. He put a vest back on when walking away.

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      God is a Liquid

      Thanks for the update POZ. There is a series of still photos of the shooting here

      The pictures are out of sequence because the 2nd pic shows the man shot (Lee Kelter) slapping the shooter (Matthew Dolloff) in the face, knocking off his hat and sunglasses. First pic shows Dolloff reaching for his gun, next pics he shoots Kelter in the head and Kelter goes down. Next pics Dolloff surrenders to police.

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      God is a Liquid

      I believe the background story is this: The News9 station sympathises with BLM so they went to agitate the Right wing protesters. The Loud guy in the Black Guns Matter shirt is an agitator. His Black GUNS Matter shirt is from a RIGHT wing rally and he is meant to blend in with the crowd then start trouble. In your video, there is a man in a white shirt behind noisy BLM shirt guy as a backup. Kelter is in a floppy camo hat and has a can of mace in his hand. He reacts to BLM guy and the “old white man” with the tan hat comes between the two. But near the end Kelter walks off camera to the right, probably because Dolloff said something to him. That’s when Kelter knocks Dolloff’s hat off and gets shot. The city of Denver said later that they do not have anyone named ‘Dolloff” registered as a security agent, which he must do to be legal. So the news crew brought him along as protection from the Right wing protesters. The news crew stirred up a confrontation deliberately and recorded it with a video cameraman and a woman who took still pictures. At the end of the stills, you can see the news producer surrender on the ground next to the gunman.
      The gunman will claim self defense but he didn’t have to aim for the head or even shoot him. He’s charged with murder.

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      Are there any real men left in the US? Lol Every shooter i have seen there for as long as i can remember is a “trembler” of some sort. Weak,unstable ,stupid. All from Michigan Gov would -be kidnappers ,to this honeyselling pimply guy to the columbine shooters to Rittenhouse to the Spanish jew Who killed the black guy walking around the enclose housing estate to the Somali minneapolis cop who killed the Aus woman. All incels and fuckwits .

      You guys need guns over there to protect yourselves from the loonies out and about amongst you.

      Good to see Pinkertons ,like all good multinational protected -species ,distance itself from the shooter through all manner of excuses like employing him through a contractor.Way to go with transparency and checks and balances in a first- world democracy .

      Rapid race to the bottom for the US. You will look like shithole meso and SouthAmwrica soon if you don’t find someone with balls and brains to rule your country. Your candidates at present are shit!

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      God is a Liquid
      Participant @hopingfornemesis / The real men are still here but they are aware that this is not the time to be at these low level ground skirmishes between lovers of anarchy and violence. They may be at home keeping weapons clean and studying the science of parallax in the first focal plane.

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        Haha. Hope so. My only dispute is that these lovers of anarchy etc did first get upset about a legitimate issue ;police brutality and neddless killings.

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          * “lovers of anarchy”

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          God is a Liquid

 I see Black Lives Matter as an admitted Marxist movement bent on destroying last vestige of the Republic of U.S. Not about black lives at all, just using them. Police killed more unarmed white people than black people 2015 to 2020 present according to The Washington Post. Use the filters and see 2% were black, 3% white. Most others were armed and got violence for violence. Weaken laws and encouraging anarchy leads to more violence not less.

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          Sure , I was in facr referring to the original riots about the deaths of Floyd and others, black/White /yellow.

          I have aready gone on record here saying i’d be upset if I was Floyd’s family,due to the hijacking of their relative’s death by political forces ie BLM .The riots spiralled out of control and made the cause too general and diffuse thus leading to no change.

          More cops or less cops? Not convicced either way yet to tell you the truth. More money being thrown at police forces for them to get pay rises,shiny new cars and office perks doesnt do it for me. I have already noticed a lessening in quality of personnel in the cops from a physical ,mental and moral point of view.

          New cops seem weak , sadistic and /or anxious and uncertain . I also question their integrity. Too many cruel /shifty types getting through rather than physically strong ,honest types who want to bring down crime whilst exercising good judgment. Scraping of the barrel to make a militia, rather than your trusted but strong capable neigbourhood cop or small town sheriff.

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