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      And this is just one weekend, absolute tip-of-the-iceberg as far as majority-black communities are concerned.

      Is there any wider attempt by the media to examine this? To promote stricter checks or harsher gun control on blacks? Of course not – quite the opposite, police ‘targeting’ blacks is ‘racism’ and the ones that they do manage to catch – at tremendous risk to themselves – should all be released from prison, because – again – ‘something something racism’.

      These truly are the end of days.

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      Illinois has pretty strict gun laws by U.S. standards. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s one of around ten states out of fifty that requires a license or permit and a waiting to buy any firearm. There’s an assault weapons ban in Cook County, but I’m not sure exactly how they define assault weapons. The gun control ship has long since sailed in the United States…there are already too many floating around that are too easy to acquire. Plus, people that use guns to commit crimes aren’t the type of people that care about legally purchasing them anyway.
      I don’t know if any mainstream outlets are making or have made an attempt to examine this further because I don’t trust or rely on any of them for information. It’s a pretty well known fact in the United States that Chicago has a problem with gun violence though…we call the place “Chiraq”. I was under the impression that a lot of the violence had actually died down in the last couple of years.

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        ‘Chiraq’, ‘Killadelphia’ etc. etc.

        My point had little to do with gun control and more to do with media attitudes towards white gun crime and black gun crime, the latter far, far outstrips the former – even though blacks are a minority of the overall population – and yet the media coverage devoted to the former far outstrips that of the latter.

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          Oh, I misunderstood the point you were trying to make. I think the issue with media coverage probably comes from reporters having the same attitude as everyone else…which is that gun crime is just a way of life in urban and low income environments. Those neighborhoods happen to be primarily populated with black people or other minorities. Mass shootings are more sensational and do more to create fear and help push agendas, so they get more coverage. That type of shooting is normally done by a white guy.

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          Yep ,I see @superking’s point and I see yours and note that it is probably a mix of both traditionally. When they are trying to push an agenda it is probably more as callum says and when they are not , the reporting probably reverts back to that with more editor /journalists’ bias etc


          Given that mainstream news is rapidly becoming nothing more than propaganda and investigative journos worth their salt have gone the way of the dodo ,we will see increasingly more agenda-shaping ,as callum says in newscasts.

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          For sure, @hopingfornemesis . I was probably giving way too much credit by saying that reporters look at crime in the same manner as everyone else. I doubt that anyone who works at a major national news outlet even has much choice in what they report on. It is mostly, if not all, propaganda.

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          Your penultimate sentence? Truer words have not been spoken. The days of fearless reporters and Presidents are probably over. There was a time when even Republican Presidents stamped on Big Business with gusto. Now they are their errand -boys.

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          I appreciate you being this up, @superking . If there’s anyone here that watches that shit and takes it seriously, maybe this will be a sort of intervention.

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          The key thing to bear in mind – and this is something that Noam Chomsky talks about brilliantly – is that ‘reporters’/’writers’/’columnists’/’researchers’ for all major news outlets are selectively chosen.

          The publisher/owner and ‘head of opinion’ of NYT – and many, many more publications – are both Jewish-American for instance, so their principles/priorities/worldview are going to naturally be heavily coloured by that perspective.

          People try to dismiss claims of media bias/conspiracy/agenda by saying ‘someone would blow the whistle, how can so many people be in on it’ etc. – but the fact is, MOST of them are NOT ‘in on it’, they’re just hired by the few people at the top of the companies structural pyramid that ARE.

          The reporters we see, the faces of the television news/mass media publications would not even be in those jobs if they didn’t strictly adhere to the own personal opinion/worldview of their paymasters, so by that fact alone, a tiny number of people are able to broadcast THEIR personal opinions to billions of people using their many chosen minions.

          The job criteria for working for any mass media publication you’d care to name includes a checklist of political/world views that the prospective employee must doggedly subscribe to.

          I hope this makes sense.

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          Nailed it! I happen to know some aspirants personally . Young people in uni Journalism courses. Lovely people ,close to and loved by me yet totally naive and also in it for status and money.

          The Establishment has almost won and ground down all opppsition even to the point of dissenting opinion dying out. I am probably the last generation in my circle who is still wary and unaccepting of Globalisation /Privatisation . Even though my best jntereats are with Globalisation and Privatisation being even more pervasive.

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          Empty soul

          To add my own piece to this argument. You’re mostly right about the lack of black crime reporting in the media and the why of it all but you’re also missing a bit.

          It isn’t a black issue per say, it is a minority “protected” group issue.

          In North America crime perpetrated by South Americans, Mexicans etc, is also under-reported on as well and crime perpetrated by illegal immigrants is very rarely ever reported on at all and its much the same in Europe wherein crime perpetrated by any non native groups in any western European country often gets downplayed and ignored until it can be ignored no more.

          I have also noticed that when a Mexican/Latino crime in America does get reported on such as when George Zimmerman(A Afro-Peruvian who identifies as Hispanic) killed Trayvon Martin the media kept referring to him as a “White-Hispanic”.

          Its a damage control exercise then whereby all minority groups automatically get the PR treatment either by being ignored and under-reported on or by being tied into whiteness somehow.

          As for why, the answer is quite simple. They don’t want to destroy the harmony of the melting pot society ideology they have spent years pushing.

          If the public were ever to be shown the actual differences in crime rates and attainment levels between the races it would create a chasm between them and they would segregate themselves based upon the statistics and oppose further immigration and integration of the “lesser” groups and since all the white western mainstream news outlets are owned by the mega-rich ruling class it makes sense that they would align themselves with the global agenda for the white western world.

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          Can’t disagree with any of that as ever.

          For me it’s the fact that they need to try to destroy the borders and amalgamate the huge populations of Africa/South America/Middle East with the West in order not only to collapse it and establish martial law/total authoritarianism – but also to meld the human race into one dumbed down, fearful beige mass.

          Propaganda/advertising is a huge part of that – promote miscegenation to an absolutely ubiquitous degree, suppress anything negative about the ‘migrants’, try to portray them as victims and make them a protected class – by rule of law if necessary. Scary, no, terrifying.

          I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see either mate, who the Mayor of Chicago blames for her cities issues… The white man! You couldn’t fucking make it up:

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          I agree with what you say, yet I only want to ask about one small detail. I read somewhere that Zimmermann was jewish as well. Could that be why the mass media latched onto him being a White man? Ie considers himself white,acts white and lives in a white gated-community.” El Paso” Crusius was also part-jewish and thus considered himself white.

          Not a conclusive link re Zimmerman but here it is. One commenter even says he could not find any such proof. My personal opinion? Yep,he is part Jewish.

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      This is all fascinating to me. I’m really much more of a reader than television watcher (mostly novels, nothing too educational) which could explain why I seem to be lacking a complete education on this topic. Thank you all for helping me remedy that. I’ll make it a point to take a much closer look into Noam Chomsky within the next couple of weeks, @superking.

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        Good stuff.

        This is essential reading too, note it’s all referenced, linked, footnoted – i.e indisputable fact:

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          I read the article, and it’s an odd coincidence that you posted it here now. Someone was just mentioning the trend in advertising to me a couple of days ago. I hadn’t noticed because I try to keep a limited exposure to television and rarely visit shopping malls and such. It was someone that I trust though, so I didn’t doubt what he was saying at all. I also thought that it was noteworthy that the article mentioned the depiction of white guys as goofy, overweight, etc.

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      Road Pavement

      The police will always have an educated excuse for not doing their job.

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