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      please fix the media player, it’s getting worst by the video. it buffers and now it doesn’t play the video no more.I want to know is it me or is there any Best Gore members going through what i’m going through.Please look into this problem.i never had this problem before until now.

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      Being a sheep is a matter of choice. It cannot be fixed.

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        Chrome is working fine in Australia on android phone

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        Your right , it works great with FireFox,I’ll be using FireFox just for Best Gore Videos. thank , but it doesn’t mean i’m getting rid of Google anytime soon.

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      I’m in the same boat as Jigsaw. The videos use to play perfectly after the upgrade in players to the site, but as of almost a month ago or so they won’t play anymore. It was hit it miss 2 weeks ago but now nothing but steady on the buffer. They play just fine on IE but the screen sizes very on the recording device used in said videos and that kills the ability to use the controls on them in IE using win 7 ultimate 64bit.

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      I was in the dark for a long time. But now I switched from fucking Chrome to the godly Firefox and I won’t ever run Chrome again on my PC. I have atoned, please forgive my stupidity. Praise be holy Mozilla and allmighty Tor.

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      Nah man, Chrome works great and I like being able to sync everything across my Android phone and computer.

      Mozilla is shit and was lagging behind the competition. Heard they got better with the new release but the reputation was damaged already.
      I’m not gonna use Tor. It doesn’t have the extensions I need.

      Perhaps stop using ancient video hosting from the last century?

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        Peer to peer video streaming using blockchain is the future of not just video hosting, but the internet as a whole. Though I do realize that it may be a little too much for the sheeple to absorb, because it’s decentralized, which means it puts the people in control, not the herd master and who are the sheeple going to follow if they don’t have the herd master? Thinking for oneself requires the ability to form independent thoughts. And that’s a kryptonite to the sheeple who are only capable of blindly following the herd thinking.

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      I’m a Chrome virgin. I’ve never used it. I use Safari – which might be as bad, to some. When I use a windows PC, I run Tor to visit this site. Although, I use Firefox sometimes. Safari has never given me problems.

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      Just use the inspect element function and extract the video link. I think the OP needs to embed and post the link separately to make it easier for those that have these issues.

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