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      Medical Diagnoses in 2020

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      Fake but Relevant

      People are waking up so relevant memes are popping up all over the place. But will that be enough to also wake up the sheeple and the NPCs?

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        GDPR Harvester

        They’ll never wake up, Mark, because they don’t want to wake up. They’ll be in denial right to the end when they’re being murdered and will just be shouting “I am so offended!” as they’re being slaughtered, probably by the State they love so much.

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          Hamburger Bob

          You’re right unfortunately!
          I was in Albertsons today, where they’re actually making people wear masks or you can’t come in and shop.

          I went in anyway and when in line, they were all giving me that look because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

          It seriously feels like Invasion of the body Snatchers now, all the Minions are just looking at you and will point you out.

          It’s way too late buddy, there’s just too many of them that obey Them.

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          GDPR Harvester

          This immediately sprang to mind

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          GDPR Harvester

          …..or even better

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          Fucken scary …haven’t seen that scene in ages and I didn’t even know what was coming.

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          GDPR Harvester

          Back then, that and the Exorcist both made me sleep with the light on for a couple of nights 😂

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      Shot Man Died from Coronavirus

      Let the absurdities continue…

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        My tablet died a few days ago….yes, it was the covidiocy that got it. *sobs* RIP tablet.

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      I see evidence of people getting woke a lot. Still too many NPCs to make a noticeable change.

      COVID-19 Is False Flag Like 9-11

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      Trauma nurse at New York Presbyterian States hospital:

      Its Not As Bad As You Think. Everything You See On TV Someone Pays For. Anyone Who Dies Of Anything Is Getting Coronavirus Put On Their Death Certificate.

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      ICU nurse interviewed by a radio host, says Utah hospitals are treating all patients as if they have Covid-19 even if they don’t. The nurse states that if a patient has Covid-19 but dies of other comorbidities/pre-existing conditions that doctors are putting COVID-19 as the cause of death.

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      Steamroller Death by Coronavirus

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Why is social media awash with videos like this?

      “B..But the peak has yet to come” “our darkest days are ahead”

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