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      Muja Mi Rona

      Merry Christmas to all the heads at and of Bestgore. It’s my third Christmas here and I love the place for many reasons, but mostly because of the wonderful members, as diverse as we all are. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you someday. Big shouts to the following buzzers, and sorry if I forgot anyone.

      Commander in Chief – @happy
      The Gorefather – @thedre


      Founder of the first known interstellar breeding colony and future Benevolent Dictator of Planet Earth – @roadpavement

      – what can I say? Love ya !
      Candy Grl – @desp
      The Playboy Scientist – @hopingfornemesis




      Mr. Brash – @masterplan
      The Laird of Bestgore – @lord-wankdust



      – a rare breed ye nordies



      – loves the drink more than me




      – is that feet I smell? Yum 😋







      @fuckthegreatest – what a name !

      And to the members who’ve been and gone, I miss some of y’all. Shouts to Mr. Deathdew and Mr. PsychoTheRapist.

      More Peace and Fucking for 2019 !!! Hahahahahahah…haaaaa !!! And making stupid forums ! Hahahahaha!

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      Cheers brother, Merry Christmas @1purple8

      Merry Christmas from Occupied Palestine

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        Merry-Christmas Man, & God Bless You, And Yours,& Keeping You,s Safe Throughout This Holiday Season 🙂

        And Also A Special Shout-Out, And Merry-Christmas To Mark, or @happy,,, @svarg26,,, @pickmynose123 and A Few Others You Know who you are, but i cannot think too good right now.

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      Happy Xmas my sweets!! Sounds like your Xmas eve is in full swing.

      Merry Xmas to the rest of you Gore Whores, you know who you are.

      I would add a few more names on the gone but not forgotten list, @doc-undy, @gnat (harro?) and my buddy @sloth12…I miss you.

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        Dead nigger storage, hairy scratchings… Do you remember Kuntcopter?

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          Is this a trick question?
          Happy Xmas, what’s Santa bringing this year? Electric guitar?

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        I know @illegalsmile55 and @1purple8 . I miss them too and would love all you mentioned to come back.

        I also want to shout out to some people i have not heard from in a long time.

        ,@katebelate,@rougekitty and @cherry3xo and @kendrabee

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          @itsplaster!! Where are you lady?! If you’re lurking, Merry Xmas, 2018 is almost over so let’s hope for a better year in 2019. You are missed.


          I guess your Xmas is over? Hope it was fun and you ate lots of yummy goodies. Tell me some of the food you have at Xmas every year!

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          Bbq pork,chicken,beef and lamb, plum- pudding,crab and prawns ,italian-style proschiutto ,baked potatoes, salads ,pastries ,tiramisu ,beer ,wines ,girlie sweet drinks (which i love),icecream watermelon,rockmelon,grapes and my face cherries and pineapple. I needed a nanna nap afterwards because my blood sugar hit the roof. I better watch my blood sugar levels or i will be a diabetic! Hahah

          We had thirty two degrees Celsius. 100F? Love it!
          What about you?


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          I made pounds of fudge, macaroons, peppermint bark, pecan bars. I smoked another turkey a few days ago, I’m doing a prime rib today on the bbq. It seems funny having watermelon on xmas….but I grew up in So. Cali and we had some warm xmases. I’m about to get off my ass and bake some breads and clean my grubby house. I’ve had company on and off for days, my roomies niece took some packages of food to UPS the other day to send for me. I just went out to get something out of my car and found one of the packages that had slid under the seat. Thanks a lot…AAAHhhhh!!!


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          Merry late christmas @hopingfornemesis 💕

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          Thanks Kendra. Talk a little this


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          Come on Kendra . Freshen up your avatar with a new pic. Snap a quick one and put it up. You can hide your face or go side-profile if you need to.


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        Muja Mi Rona

        Hehe, I was actually sober making this forum @illegalsmile. I’m finding it hard to get drunk !

        And good shouts calling out a few more members. There’s loads of BG Buzzers that were also in my mind.

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          YAY!! I’m #1!! I loved it, very sweet! Just like you, my adorkable man of Eire. Mwah!


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      Merry Christmas! No peace or fucking for me in 2019 but here’s to yours. Cheers!

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      Thanks @1purple8 Merry Christmas to you too and to everyone!!!

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      Seraphim Serenata

      Goddamn it, @1purple8 I was thinking, who the fuck is Blasé? CHRIST-My-ASS

      Glad I didn’t receive an official title, least one I couldn’t piece together 😛

      Ho-Ho-Ho! Glad to have met you, Purple. Merry X-Mas

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      Empty soul

      I bought myself 12 bottles of red wine and 6 bottles of port to get through within the next 7 days starting from now and booked those days off from work so merry fucking Christmas everyone.

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        @empty-soul your red wine of choice?

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        Muja Mi Rona

        As a Christmas bonus I got 6 bottles of red wine, 18 litres of cider and a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey. Yee-haw ! Ger up !

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          I got a $25 gift certificate to local grocery store. I actually thought it rather nice as last place I worked for 10+ years gave me absolutely nothing.

          I’ve gone a bit sour now as it is now year two and pfft $25 to grocery store? thanks for the loaf of bread and bananas sire

          Happy belated Merry Christmas to you and all! @purple and @everyone!

          lol you too @santa

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      GDPR Harvester

      Hey Steph, why I’m the only one you call rude?!
      I’m not gonna comment on your song 😛 Happy holidays to you too!


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      To my dear Son of Eire,you give me too much credit. I now have a belly and have lost my curls, yet some attractive women still will not vomit upon seeing me. I know…it is ridiculous!
      Merry Christmas Pal, to you and yours, and to everyone here as well.


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      Can’t believe that fukface Danaconda made the BG Christmas naughty list before me faggot!.. Anyways Merrijuana Xmas fukrs..

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      Mr Spock

      Merry Christmas, everyone at Best Gore!

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        Hope you, & Yours had a great one my good B G Brother! 🙂

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          Mr Spock

          Indeed I did, @thedre.
          Hope you and Cathy had a lovely Christmas and enjoy rest of the season.

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      Aww jeez .. Waaazzzuuup..!

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      @DocUndy, @dodgyhodgy, @protocalsofzion, @sweetiecandy

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        best wishes to all of my victims in the new year.

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      It’s cumming up a few strokes before the end of Christmas, so I’m a head of schedule…

      Merry Christmas Everyone!

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        I Hope that you’ve had a great one With Your Family B G Brother. 🙂

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      cheers for the shout outs and god bless you.

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      Death Pod


      Cheers, buddy. Hope you all had/ have a great holiday season.

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      And Merry Christmas and Big Shout-Out To @Brokeback Our Veteran Funny as Fuck, & Witty Resident Comedian, and Great, Well Respected B G Brother! Hope You Had A Good One My Good Fellow Canuck, & Torontonian. 🙂

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      @1purple8 Aw, I missed this post because I was already back at my parents for Christmas. The craic was mighty and the wi-fi was poor so I didn’t get online much. I hope you had a super couple of days! All the best for the New Year too, take her easy but do it right!

      Wishing everyone else on BG a peaceful and Happy New Year as well!

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      Muja Mi Rona

      and Happy New Year from Vybz Kartel

      This is a new year
      Different design
      Different state of mind

      Or not

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Shite ! I forgot this badass, @evilluminatzionistiwillkill, funny fucker !

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