#METOO…What's it really about? I'm going to tell you.

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      Everyone has heard about the “#metoo” movement. What’s it really all about? It’s about electing a female president in 2020.Taa daa!!!!

      What do you think about that?

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      Oprah Winfrey?

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        She already declined. You watch, until the next election, there is going to be all kinds of drama regarding female persecution, equal wages etc.

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          Mr Zion
          The Liberal base backing/perpetrating and in most cases, inventing these insane movements of victims, illegal immigrants circumventing federal laws and multiple gender-acknowledging faggots etc… do not have even one viable female candidate for the Democratic nomination for 2020.
          One scenario that I can think of that would send the Democrats and the faggot loving, immigration monkeys into a full fucking meltdown is for the GOP to nominate a woman candidate for president in 2020.
          Here’s why. That and that alone is what it will take to spotlight for the entire world what is already quite obvious to many of us. That being the shameless hypocrisy of the left.
          Will the moderate to radical left stay with their narrative and vote for a woman, albeit a conservative woman, or, will they crucify her and stick to their obstructionist policy and deviant phony liberal ideology?
          Mind you, this is not an idea that I personally support, but it would visit anarchy among the ranks of the left causing a massive short circuit. We would see them turn on each other and implode just like the #MeToo bullshit is imploding as we speak.
          Lack of qualifications not withstanding, I think that I would back Sarah Sanders. Her intelligence and confidence alone make her one sexy beast!

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          Damn, I messed up the reply, anyway. This was meant for you.

          Well, we have a few years left until that happens. A woman could emerge that is not being talked about at the moment.

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      Ellen DeGenerates?

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        Well, we have a few years left until that happens. A woman could emerge that is not being talked about at the moment.

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      Dem’s are whispering about some Hawaiian humpy*

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      Empty soul


      There are three main connecting parts to this metoo movement and a forth separate one underpinning it all.

      The first part is “progressive” liberal doctrine that adheres to the victim-oppressor mantra. The second part is the actual majority-held social perception of such mantra and the third part is the knee-jerk reaction of all others(media/politics etc) and how it manifests itself to overpower the majority. The forth I will get to soon enough.

      I will now attempt to address them in order.

      The leftwing jumped the shark a long time ago. They promote Islam to appease the Muslims whilst simultaneously promoting female, gay and transgender rights even though both are incompatible with each other and in fact undermine and attack each other. They now also promote gender fluidity as well even though one gender pretending to be the other undermines the basic components of their female rights argument and standpoints so on and so forth.

      To get to the point, the libtards are just making it up as they go along and are inventing new victims and new oppressors simply as a matter of course so as to keep their lopsided ideology relevant otherwise they would’ve had to have packed their bags and leave years ago. In effect then the typical SJW is a rebel without a cause, an emotionally confused suburban, middle-class man-child blindly lashing out at their own society in order to justify their existence to the world and thus to themselves.

      Now, the actual majority-held social perception of such aforementioned behaviour could not be any more different. Most people are neither extreme left or extreme right, they tend to fall somewhere in-between depending upon the subject at hand. This is what we call being of sound mind and it tends to be the mindset of the silenced majority. However, to the libtard anyone perceived to be slightly to the right of the Dalai Lama is a bigot, a racist, a Nazi and a member of the “alt-right”.

      The last point is the knee-jerk reactions from the establishment whenever the libtards decide to have a circle jerk in public. Despite the majority being against all this nonsense and the libtards themselves being only a small minority of vocal assholes their arguments and wishes get given far more airtime and consideration than they should per their number and actual influence, extending so far as to be able to forcibly silence and restrict the will of everybody else.

      It’s the same with this gender fluidity shit and transsexuals etc, they have far, far more power and influence than they should given that they comprise less than 2% of the entire population which leads me to the forth and final part of the equation that I touched upon at the beginning,

      Who has been giving them all this power and influence and why?.

      To answer that it is important to look at what is happening right now. Many media outlets, media personalities, politicians and such are now rallying against the left. Using “alt-right” words like “snowflake generation” to refer to them and openly mocking them live on tv etc.

      What we can see then with the above is that the establishment plays one side off against the other, sometimes giving one side more influence and power before switching teams and backing the other side, so as to prevent one side from gaining too much traction and dominating society and politics and ergo any long term global political policy and direction.

      That Donald Trump and the “alt-right” were allowed to win and gain power just after America had gone through a long period of black lives matter movements and the election of the first black president fits within this line of reasoning.

      This metoo movement in my opinion then is more or less the same thing playing out again and is bound to face the same backlash and the same counter movement as well. I expect we will be seeing quite a few women come crashing down very soon when the men start coming back with accusations of sexual misbehaviour on the women’s part towards them because they have already set the rules that accusation automatically means guilt and if the women try to change those rules now after the fact into some sexist grouping they will lose their ability to accuse and thus their position of attack.

      To conclude, this metoo game is just another chessboard in the land of power play. The main thing to take away from it all is that if you give every side a turn at winning every now and then you can keep society placid and contented for the most part. Tire them out with a fight or two and exhaust their strength and just like a cat they will close their eyes and go to sleep for a while.

      As for who will be the next president, I expect Trump will get a second term and then a new middle ground type politician will get elected for a while before it swings back to the left again and it starts all over.

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        Yes, I agree with what you said. As for who will be president next, we will just have to wait and see. Regardless who it is, they will be a part of the establishment.

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      MeToo is women being women… lol traditional conservatives and liberals alike, always deflect from the reason. #MGTOW ALREADY KNOW

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