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      GDPR Harvester

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      Thank God for Australians … we still call a spade a spade.

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      Not covid- related but something for those who like learning and honestly don’t know any better. Enjoy.

      This is the crap that has been pushed since Reagan’s time and which his own people laughed at calling it Voodoo Economics.

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        GDPR Harvester

        It trickles down to me because I am one of those who takes, takes, takes and when I earn I don’t tell anyone I’ve earnt, earnt, earnt meaning I avoided paying any fucking taxes!
        I saw this system for what it was decades ago and my whole life has been based upon the above strategy. I am seven figures in front of the government.
        I know, people will say if everyone did that blah blah blah…..well let me tell you this. If everyone did do it, this crooked system would have collapsed years ago. I maintained for years that people should quit working and paying taxes and just let the system collapse. Well, now it’s going to happen but the problem is you’ve let all the cronies stealth the wealth first. Too late now.

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          Well yes and no ;your personal circumstances are a little different from the run -of- the- mill plutocrat hoovering hard- earned money from Mr Citizen.

          However ,I do agree you share at least this line of thinking with

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      a spade a spade? we call ’em niggers

      I am proud to say I owe the Fed more than half a million bucks.. student loans from the 90’s totalling $93K but with 8% interest has increased, and the guvmint must repay Navient upon my death. I have repaid exactly $25 of this.

      I never got a job with my masters in geography but instead of partying it away or buying a car on credit I worked my way thru Berkeley and bought a 4 plex in ’97, lived off the rents until i sold it at the height of the real estate bubble for nearly 4 times what I paid for it in 07. been living on the profits ever since.

      and i still intend to get social security if its still solvent in 4 years, not much, but enough to pay for food. House paid for, and no expensive habits, no dogs or bitches to support.

      I’d like to have more money but wouldn’t know what to do with it if i had it…by more remote land perhaps.

      I think a true EuroAmerican in good standing should not pay any taxes. Not one cent to the niggers or the greasers or the jews. Let the other chumps do that, and you all cover my share? thanks so much.

      regrets? I’ve had a few..but then again too few to mention. The sooner the bottom falls out the sooner the republic rises again from the ashes of our clever military dictatorship.

      I’m expecting the times getting harder and producing 1000 new Tim McVieghs and 10,000 new Anders Breiviks. chasing the kikes to their stolen colony, the greasers down south and the gooks back to their sampans.

      insolvency is victory my brother/sisters. Push our dictators off the fiscal cliff. shut off all social services, collapse Wall Street and padlock The district. Let the warlords and cartels cleanse the ghettos and barrios and then cannibalize each other. Destroy all the freaks. nails that stand out get flattened.

      come together brother sister.Behold the Kracken

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