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      I like to generate content but I am hindered by the little time I have to edit.

      Currently I am having technical issues posting and the window to edit is to short, posting incomplete or unfinished threads is not what I like to do.

      Mod Staff of best gore, could we please have more time to edit our posts so the content may be better?


      Please take care,

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      The time to edit is adequate. It is for editing out typos that somehow sneak into your post. It is expected that a person completes what they wish to publish before hitting publish, not the other way around. 5 minutes is adequate because it takes into account the participation aspect of the forum – otherwise is someone responds to a post, and the OP doesn’t like the response, they could edit out their post and the response would look out of place. 5 minutes is more than enough time to correct typos and similar errors, but not enough to mess it up for other participants. Consequently, this will not be changed.

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        Maybe, I was having issues posting images. That’s why I asked.

        I wanted to shape / post a well constructed post with multiple images and play with the format so that it looks decent.

        I guess it’s my ocd side of things.

        I don’t particularly care to interact with half the people here judging from what they post. Seewwwww what you said was the last thing my mind. I’m more concerned with the shape and presentation of thing.

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      Thank you very much for response by the way. It’s greatly appreciated and I do see what you are saying.

      Take care please!

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      I mean, it would really be nice to fix my post of self harm pics because OP I was having issues posting pictures.

      Idk – five minutes isn’t really a lot of time for someone like me haha. It’s not presentable.

      Is their a way where the image links that are broke because my improper posting of images, could be fixed? Just because when you first click thread it looks bad :/

      Sry for bugging you. <3

      Take care please !!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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