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      Corrupt freemason cops in the RCMP in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, are vandalizing my car. The other day, three RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) came to my door trying to intimidate me. They were trying to ask me questions but I refused to answer their questions.

      A few days later, my cars front passenger quarter panel got smashed in. There was also a big scratch on the trunk. So I called insurance and got it looked at, at a repair shop.

      I went outside today and there are a bunch of new scratches in the paint on the passengers side back quarter panel. So I called the insurance company and explained all of this and they said the new scratches are considered a separate claim and I have to pay a separate $300 dollar deductible.

      So these corrupt scumbag freemason RCMP are walking past my car at night and vandalizing it.

      I guess it’s no surprise. They vandalized my old car as well. They also broke into my old residence and new residence multiple times and vandalized it as well. Putting scratches on all sorts of things.

      I guess that’s their calling card, leaving scratches on different things.

      The fucking corrupt scum. And right after my brother got released from the mental hospital in Washington State.

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      rcmp freemasons

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      corrupt cops

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      @theprotocolsofzion Canada is a police state and not a safe place to be for most people. You only get privilege points if you’re a woman, or a non-European race, or a Jew/Muslim, or a degenerate fag LGBTBBQ bullshit. But for a white, Christian, straight male, Canada is prison in the making. If on top of it you’re also woke and not a sheepleslaverobot, then it’s just a question of time before they come after you.

      Have you considered permanently relocating into a different country? The harassment will never end, if you stick around Canada. It will just get worse and will culminate in you being thrown in a cage and all your possessions robbed. The government has deep pockets thanks to the taxes from white, Christian, straight men, and they are not afraid to use them against white Christian straight men. It costs them nothing to make your life a living hell. But it will cost you everything if you don’t put a safe distance between you and Canada asap.

      So long as you linger there, they have all the power in the world over you. But once you’re outside of their jurisdiction, you can still do a lot of things remotely to take care of your assets, etc, but they will not be able to bust you so readily.

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        @vincitomniaveritas I hear what you’re saying Mark. Everything you say is true. I have considered leaving, but I can’t at this time. Possibly in the future I will have to leave Canada. And I was born and raised here. All of these bastards are committing treason! I don’t recognize this country anymore. White people have been totally sold out in this country.

        They should change the name of this country, because the Canada I knew is dead. Change the flag, change the anthem. Maybe the new flag should be a gay pride flag with a star of David in the middle. I may have to do exactly what you did. It’s sad what is happening to this country.

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      @happy here is an interesting comment I found under a video on Jewtube.

      Everything In Modern USA happens according to the Soviet scenario, but more technologically. The patrons of communism turned the USA into the leader of the new model of the communist project. All newfangled concepts in the American lexicon were taken from the Soviet experience.

      Globalization is a world revolution. Multiculturalism is synonymous with communist international. Political correctness is ideological loyalty. Tolerance is the privilege of minorities and discrimination of the majority. Targeted Individuals in Communist Russia were called enemies of the people. These were critics and opponents of the regime. Gang stalking is mass repression that destroyed freedom and opposition in the USSR in the 1920s and 1930s.

      The only common denominator between the USSR and the USA, is the Jewish factor. For many reasons, Russia did not have the opportunity to build communism and implement the plans created by the plutocracy. Therefore, the United States took the baton. The US is adapting the Soviet experience of terror, repression, social espionage and electronic/electromagnetic GULAG.

      Community Oriented Policing Is Communism. Citizens On Patrol Is Communism. The communists were marauders who took property from victims of mass terror. At the first stage, the property became collective. In the last stage, they privatized and appropriated public property to private ownership. So in the USSR there was a Jewish oligarchy.

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      Fuck guys there are days,,, more so lately than others that i think of taking my 1/2 of everything and moving to Europe. They are much less of a Jew-Boot-licking bunch over there, that i assure you as i have witnesses, and lived-it with my own eyes while travelling in mid Europe last year with our Brother Mark.
      It truly is a different overall mentality over there with smiling Non-Land-Whale beauties at every street corner willing to take the time to chat with you.

      Instead of the cunts in Ottawa only wanting to latch-on to a man for his investments & wallet, instead of his cock,,that’s for darn sure. 🙁
      And although i did see quite a bit of cops in the downtown core, they were all smiling, and quick with a friendly wave. 🙂

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