My Dad Just Had His Riding Lawnmower Stolen By 8year Old

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      I guess a few days ago my dad was mowing his lawn and lil neighbor kid couple houses down came by and asked to help. So my dad being nice guy lets kid hop up and very slowly proceeds to let him ride on mower with him “teaching” him controls

      Kids really dig my dad, always have, he is just really fun with them. So my dad is in kitchen this morning fixing himself something to eat. He says he thought he heard mower start up but so bizarre he didn’t give it second thought

      Few minutes later he goes to take garbage out and mower is GONE. He runs to street and this kid is halfway down road riding mower (LOL!)

      He chases him down and he says little boy looks up at him and says ” I am sorry Uncle _____”

      My dad said it “melted” him. Yes he used that word . It melted him and he couldn’t rat him out to parents

      Lol stay tuned?

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      What color is the kid?

      Ture story. Tammy Wynette (‘Stand by Your Man’ singer) was married to George Jones, he was a world class drunk and she a typical co-dependent alcoholic’s wife. She thought she could control him and his drinking by keeping all the car keys from him. She woke up late one night with no George in bed; she got into her car and drove to the nearest bar, 10 miles away, and there sat their riding mower by the front door.

      Edit not pertaining to this but I just thought of it….I saw 1purple8 the other day on youtube. He is well and back to work half time. I saw you and Nem saying something about him the other day so I thought I’d throw that out there. The Irish Angel.

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      I seriously hope that kid was planning on bringing it back? He might have to start locking that beast up. The lawn mower that is.

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      White! My dad had that house built from ground up but if a shafart (as he calls them, unclear on spelling) moved anywhere near them he would move


      Not sure why reply fell here but good to know @1purple8 is doing well. Be nice to hear it from him. Hmph

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