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      Countless years.

      They come and go.

      Time passes.

      The Roses Wither and Die.



      Yet still you are the only one.

      To stand forever at my side.

      I don’t feel or see you.

      But you are there.



      Completely Numb and Unforgiving.

      Void of all Emotion.

      A Mute Agony.





      I always find you in the shadows.

      Forever trying to Relinquish the sadness.

      You exist in an inevitable vacancy.

      Beneath my frayed skin.



      Emotionally Broken.

      A useless refuge I must let bleed.

      I enclosed myself in with you.

      Raging Red Ink spills out of my soul.



      Another life I wish I had kept.

      Between my fingers it falls.

      Invoking yet another Death.

      I’m lost in this here.



      I wasn’t always this way, you know.

      It wasn’t always this dark.

      There once was a time.

      When I Danced in the light.



      Now all I am is a bitter memory.

      A Shade that haunts the baleful void.

      It is inescapable…I am left behind.

      Lurking within the gloom.




      It   E c l i p s e s   All  Of  Me.




      At Your Darkest.


      I Loved You The Most.


      Each Poem I Write.


      I Die A Little More.





      My Dying Star

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      Your poems are shit bitch. Fuk you

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