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      OK, I was a mess at this time in my life. Discharged from the Navy with an OTH discharge, I got on a plane to Portland, Oregon to try and make a life for myself. I had left Portland, Oregon to go back home in Ohio after only a week but with the intent of returning in a year after I had made some money. I hated my hometown and living with family but I thought it was the best choice, after all I could live for free with my parents if I could get along with them. (Reason I joined was because I did not get along with my mom or stepdad) While on deployment I had spent a good deal of time shopping on the computer and had $2,000 worth of stuff shipped to my parents house. One of those was a substance I had a lot of interest in trying ( I had struggled with anxiety and depression in my teenage years but never took any medicine) One thing I had shipped to my house changed my life profoundly. A legal Anxyliotic Drug with Nootropic property’s called “Phenibut” a 500 gram container cost you about $80 on the internet. It was magical for me at first dose. It was everything I had ever been missing in my life. I could be anyone I wanted or do anything I wanted to do. Anxiety and fear were non existant, I always felt euphoric. It majorly changed my personality to the point where I set up an appointment to get face tattoos and I purchased Two .45 pistols with 30 round clips and planned on buying and selling large amounts of drugs. I had reached a point in my life where if something or someone did anything to obstruct my goals in life I would completely cut it out at all cost. I was ready to do what I want I’m life and be free, and only worry about myself. If I got killed or locked up at least I tried. About a week after being back and starting a daily regimine of 10 grams, my relationship with my parents deteriorated to the point where we were screaming arguing over nothing so I left and went to live with my friend at the college in his dormitory. I was extremely manic and was posting lots of things on Facebook and drawing lots of attention and I had lost the need to sleep and I was up for 6 days and it was the day before Thanksgiving and someone I went to school with offered to buy me a beer at bdubs and I went and he then invited me to the bar in our small town where lots of girls I went to school with were at and it was crazy. They were all over me. I was the most confident guy in the bar and I had girls all over me, it was like the twilight zone for me. While under the influence of this drug, you felt superhuman. You were not physically or mentally impaired. My ride was leaving so I left early, with plans to hangout a the following weekend with some girls I wanted to fuck in high school. The next day I went to my friends family for Thanksgiving dinner and my buddy gave his girlfriend phenibut and put her in the hospital so they were not at the dorms after the dinners were over. I drank about 6 scoops of pre workout around 1230 a.m and decided to literally run back to the bar that I was at the high before to find a girl to being back. I walked towards the entrance of the bar, at this point up for 7 days and two guys exiting the bar who were there the previous night said “hey! That dudes got game” I already felt like Jesus Christ reincarnated and as soon as I walked into the bar I started flirting with a girl who apparently was about 30 years old and I remember she was hot and with a younger girl about 20. I was so fucking out of my normal character, I had a bull ring in my nose both ears Peirce’s 200$ sunglasses on, $700 outfit on billionaire boys club, G star, doc martin, new phone with a case that had my I.D and debit card in it. The girl was wanting to leave with me but apparently she didn’t wanna leave her friend. I went to the bathroom and came back, sat there talking to her for a while and then remember girls wanting to come back to the dorm and do drugs with me but I dismissed them as being a waste of my own resources as I actually had no money. I had a super redneck accent at this point and it was like nothing. Tongue had ever spoken in my life. I was no longer the person I used to be. To put it simply I was as super saiyan as humanly possible. I decided to run back to the dorms and when I got there I realized I did not have my phone case with the room key in it and my friends were not back. I immediately turned back and ran back towards the bar and when I went in they were about to close and people were finishing their drink. The staff had no interest I’m helping me find my stuff and I assumed someone stole it but I started raising my voice and a big 200+ lb black dude starts walk-in towards me and he put his hand on me and at that moment I knew It was on. I put my hand on his stomach and pushed and said get off me or something but as soon as I touched him I knew the fight had started. I was probably 165lbs 5’11 and I had taken a couple years of martial arts and jujitsu in high school and I felt like this all happened in slow motion. He grabbed my arm slung me around the opposite direction,( basically switched me positions, I was facing away from the bar, now I was faci it) I got free of his grip and he had his arm rearing back to throw a haymaker at me and I immediately squared up and punched him square in the face and his haymaker missed as a result. Then I had 3 other bouncers closing in and immediately the black guy tackles me trying to put me in a guillotine , I didn’t want In the hold and looking behind me I was about to land square on a set of wooden steps leading up to the stage performance area. The edges of the wpod were very sharp and at this point I thought I was totally fucked. I must’ve fell short and missed and I pushed off the black guys stomach and he didn’t go down to the ground with me, now I am in a defensive position in the ground guarding my head and guarding my torso with my legs. I had a white fat 350+ pound guy with work boots on on my left and the bouncer on my right and two skinny dumb fucks down by my feet. I immediately punched the black guy in the nuts 2x then grabbed on the 3rd time and squeezed and did the same to the fat guy who at this point was repeatedly kicking me in the head, most of which I was able to have my forearm take the most of the impact. After several kicks and some women in there screaming for them to get off me, I said OK guys you got me, I’m done and they picked me up by my arms and legs and threw me out. The fat guy kicked me in the head one more time for good measure and said stay the fuck out. I immediately ran as fast as I could back to campus and tried to flag down a police officer and he kept driving and went and one finally went and parked by the college about 300 yards away. I ran over to his patrol car out of breath and asked him to help I had just had all my stuff stolen and then been violently assaulted by the bouncers at this club when I went in. Instead of hearing my story, my pipe fell out of my pocket, I had actually been using this one to smoke tobacco from flavored spliffs and it did not have any cannabis residue on it. He immediately had no interest in hearing my story and called for backup. I had a tuppleware container of about 40 grams of phenibut and I knew it was about to be confiscated because they would immediately suspect it was illegal and detain me. I took all 40 grams and downed it, thinking I would just take a piss test and be on my way. Negative. The phenibut immediately started absorbing through my mouth and I had reached my final form. Super sayain fucking 7. The next thing I know, the entire police force of this small town has showed up and a massive cop tells me to put my hands behind my back and at this point I’ve still kept my cool and am complying with him but he starts to be extremely forceful and I try to tell him that I’m willing to comply and and he has got all his weight on me at this point and I ask him to stop being so rough and he just intensified his behavior. I fucking snapped. I was a cornered rabid animal, all I knew was rage. I told them they had no right to arrest me and at this point at least 10 cops are surrounding me I’m getting shackled and this big ass cop has his knee in my back. I was screaming none stop, I told them I was going to get out and kill their family’s dismember their daughters and wives and wear their body parts as jewelry just to sum it up. They put me in the police cruiser and I immediately started trying to kick the back window out as hard as I could and they opened it up and made me stop then the cop got in and started driving me to the police station and I was still screaming basically the same stuff and was banging my head off the plexiglass divider while screaming was gonna take a pump shotgun, stick it up his ass and blow his guts out. He seemed to be in a panic and was driving erratically. Once at the police station one of the cops held me down by my throat while handcuffed and shackled and said “you’re mine now bitch” I started kissing at him and said come here then. The next thing I know I’m in a holding cell and they stripped me naked and put me in a restraint chair with a spit mask on I got the spit mask off every time they put it on me and I was non stop screaming and threatening them. The same copthat held me down came in and said he was gonna put a bullet in my fore head then started telling the other inmates I was a pedophile. I did not sleep for the next two and half days didnt stop screaming and spent the next two days in the chair, I got out once for about an hour or two after 24 hours but started pissing underneath the cell door and taking handfuls of water and pouring it under the door. I was not allowed to eat and forced to piss and deficate on myself while in the restraint chair, this time I escaped from the restraint chair, chained handcuffed and shackled and scooted over to the window and started banging my head off of the glass and screaming and the guards freaked out and came in and choke slammed me into the chair and put more cuffs on me. Finally on the 3rd day I took a nap and was probably super saiyan 4 by this point and I had a video arraignment and was let on on a 750$ bond and my parents picked me up and forced me to go to a mental health center for evaluation and it was determined I had depression and anxiety issues but the substance abuse was the main cause of my behavior and I only spent one night there. I went to court a couple days later for the disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction of justice. It was at first public intoxication but once the lab tested it they changed it to disorderly conduct. The judge said that if I got mental health counseling that he would dismiss the case and just finally about a week ago my case was dismissed. During this time I was put on 5 years probation in a differnt county for my mom recording me on the phone when i was back on the substance threatening to kill a state patrolman that is friends with her after he had hassled me. She took it to the highway state patrol post. I had no means to do it as my guns were already disposed of by my parents. And i was pretty much broke, but my public PRETENDER was the worst god damn lawyer I’ve ever seen! I know that none if this would’ve happened if I hadn’t been abusing this substance but I do know that it has forever impacted how I view the criminal justice system and police officers. Well that’s my story and I hope to never have another run in with the law but I also know I will never call the law for help, as you can see on here that can go very wrong.

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