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      Paint is peeling from this place
      Falling like toxic leaves; with deceptive grace
      Wood-rot and loose screws; Stripped wires and a blown fuse
      Who could live here

      Glass windows with a permanent haze
      No chemical strong enough; sit back and let them glaze
      Vents to the crawlspace cry; their metal frames, dull and dry
      Would you live here

      Tree branches scrape the wood
      Clawing at it daily and nightly; thrashing it good
      Broken step waits to trip; there’s radon rain – take a sip
      Nobody would live here

      Upstairs, there’s crumbling plaster; a cold dirty dim disaster
      Where no sun shines through a lone skylight
      Where every night is dark and every day is night.
      I live here

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      Death Pod

      Sounds like the house in The Money Pit.

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        Indeed. lol The winter beat the shit out of my house (not THAT bad) and beat the crap out of me too. I was down, man. But it’s good now. Fucked up time passed and now I can laugh at my poem 🙂

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      Is this how you got your name on here?

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        Lol. No, my name inspired the poem. Cuz plaster the girl was so not okay. My house (me) is strong again. Yay!

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      Death Pod

      We had a pretty rough winter down here in Atlanta, too. I had to put on long pants a couple of times.

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