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      There was so much random silly shit that went down throughout trip. A few hiccups but all in all huge success. Hard to say which of the two towns we traveled I most preferred. This one was enhanced by interaction of locals. Real good wholesome people. You can really tell when someone wants to be and genuinely likes their job and enjoys their surroundings

      Anyhow from our cabin to town was six mile country road drive, 55mph. Not much going on aside from occasional house with shed or dilapidated barn. Maybe 15 houses end to end. There was one house that erected giant Confederate flag on their barn. It faced the road and you couldn’t miss it. Well beginning Thursday they had placed giant sign out that read “YOU HONK, WE DRINK!”


      I drove and cursed myself as I kept missing it. How can you not honk? Well it was Friday and we had initially intended on leaving Saturday so I was determined to land that honk. I even made mental note to start paying attention once we hit silo. All went to hell when I forgot from which direction. grrrrr

      Now it is Saturday night. It is dark and we are headed back from town (of course we again missed on way in) it was only time we drove in dark (unless you count 6am breakfast stop. again..)

      No cars in sight so once we hit silo I crawled to each house. Was not exactly super close to silo but no other real landmark. We finally arrive. There is now massive sign that reads “party in back with giant arrow” I pull to side of road, no human in sight but had to be about 40 cars across lawn. I lay on the horn obnoxiously long and loud. I let up and nearly instantaneously we are met with the thunderous applause of enormous crowd! Oh my gosh it was so damn funny. It was like sports arena with all the cheering! They did not disappoint. It was surreal as you could not see damn thing . I drove off with greatest feeling!!!

      Unfortunately by time we left out the sign was removed, a picture would have been really cool but no matter as I will remember that moment for the rest of my life 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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