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      Empty soul

      Actually, today’s nationalism within the context of modern western society is more akin to apartheid Africa than Hitler’s Germany and the nouveau riche middle classes and above are directly responsible for it’s resurgence.

      You see, every race on the planet demands that the country they are born into gives them preference over newer arrivals. This is what is referred to as the fair queuing method, as opposed to the queue/line jumping alternative which, whilst favouring concurrent popular trends, undermines both equality and democracy.

      The above applies no matter the country in question, whether it be on the African continent, the European continent or the Asian continent etc.

      At this moment in time however European liberals are not just asking of, but demanding that their lower ranks, those who survive pay cheque to pay cheque, relinquish their lot in life to accommodate newer arrivals who will work for much lower remuneration than they can/will because they can/will considering exchange rates and cost of living differences amongst global lands/currencies.

      To conclude globalisation and free market enterprises have acted like parasites for so long that those who have not personally benefited, which is the majority of nation state workers, now turn to extreme nationalistic platforms for answers to their own dilemmas.

      Political extremes it would seem, whether it be from the left or the right, lead to the exact same results.

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      what a fucking joke.

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