Net Neutality is completely dead

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      Road Pavement

      As you know this site was under attack for awhile, It happened to other sites as well, As you should know that the government now controls the internet how it sees fit.

      Soon you have to get authorization from the government to use the internet, Without authorization you will be executed on site.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Yup. I don’t even know what to label these fucks that make the rules anymore. Tyrannical brown-shirt commie vampire cunts for starter anyway.

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        Road Pavement

        You just did they are “Communist” The united states government is communist with a socialist economy.

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      @roadpavement @1purple8

      Yep, certain corporate greats in zioyanquistan propagated the myth that the net would be free blal blah blah so they could expand their tentacles all over the world.
      Now a significant amoubt of commerce,research and everyday life is conducted or managed by the internet.

      So now Uncle Sam controls the throttle of this .oil is so passe, the internet is now where the action is . You wait they will have laws limiting association soon.

      This simply means bestgore members will not be able to see or communicate with one another here or anywhere. If you do,criminal charges and jail!

      I can’t wait for alternative cellphone,internet and gps from china and /or russia. Globalists love competition,so bring it on i say!!

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      Road Pavement

      @hopingfornemesis You should spread the paranoia all over the internet and the entire world, Just to create a global panic with rioting and looting and police mass murdering people.

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