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      courtesy of google!

      I went and got a new phone today. I qualified for free phone, if I paid my bill early (due mere 4 days from now) and agreed to take on new phone number . totally down with that! screw ahab at the other store! he had me at almost $100 then tried to stick me with that made up $25upgrade fee

      this cost me $65 and included my $50 monthly phone bill. anyhow listen to this fuckery. I cannot download any apps without first signing into Google wtf? of course I don’t remember any of my passwords and the only way to reset google god password is to send request through phone but since I don’t have same number I keep getting shut down. I am totally locked out of everything!

      biggest bunch of bullshit EVER and I don’t even know if anything could be done if I went back to store but I am in not in big hurry to return as i said YES transfer my pictures and I get back to car and open “gallery ” and first pic up was me naked straddling 10 pound block of shea butter (don’t ask.) truly mortified!

      I don’t know what to do. I don’t recall everything not transferring before. I welcome any suggestions. how in the heck is it that everything courses through google or am I doing something wrong?

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      now I am locked out of YouTube cause I can’t sign in to confirm my age. what a load of bullshit! officially furious

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        Hamburger Bob

        Does it have the “forgot my password” option?
        I was locked out of eBay and PayPal and just told them that I forgot my password and had them send the code to my email in order to create new passwords.

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          that is the problem I can’t open my email to retrieve it cause I do not know the password! and I can’t have text sent to my phone as it is new number

          I tried to do it through other non Google account and it rejects it as not recognizing me

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          Hamburger Bob

          Tell your email that you forgot your password and they’ll have you enter a new password, then you can go from there.
          I know it’s a pain, but we need our YouTube stuff.

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      Don’t ask?!
      Tell me about the 10#’s of shea butter. I fucking insist. My mind is whirling!

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        lmao I guess we will just call it my proof of arrival 😆

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        Lord Wankdust

        I’m with the Maine contingent here. I wanna see the “nekkid straddling the 10lb slab of Shea Butter shot”.

        Phones are shit. We know that. I did’nt even know you could get 10lb slabs of Shea Butter. In fact I don’t believe you.

        Prove it.

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      I guess you misheard “cooking with panache” as “cooking with snatch”? Fucken mumbling Gia!

      Re phone. It probably is an Android or Google phone? They bundle everything to a Google /Gmail address and clouds!
      Your phone is not for you to make calls. It is your tracker and calling people is just a sweetener to get you on board.

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      I got back in! the only password I remembered was to my BG account which links to gmail. I then made it visible and took it to secondary gmail account which unlocked it!

      I still couldn’t get into main one but with access to that I was able to initiate recovery process which I generated by using free hour of Xfinity hour of wifi which then powered up my old phone which then enabled me to place recovery code into new phone and activate main account. tada!

      the only account I cant access is my checking account but I will wait until tomorrow in case I get locked out so I can call operator

      that was kinda horrible with no access to accounts and different phone number. I was mainly worried of my unemployment account they still owe me almost$3,000 but I was able to get back in!

      yes it is android and yes everything is hopelessly mingled . one of the first things I did was to disable location and now I keep getting irritating “what if you lose your phone?” popups. they want that location and all surrounding activity. Google really does have a hand in everything

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        Hamburger Bob

        Google should be called Googly-eye because they just want to see everything we do and everything period.
        I get tired of them asking me how my visit at McDonald’s, Target or Starbucks was.

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      Care to share that Picture With us B-G Sister??
      Minus Yourself Straddling That 10 Pound Block of Shea Butter With Us, That Is, lol.
      Ahhh-Man that was too funny Girl. 🙂

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