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      dear admin, is there a way to have notifications automatically marked read as you click on link, left side beneath “Notifications On” heading?

      For instance I was hoping that once I performed the above task that whence I returned to said notification page that link I just clicked on would not still be there.

      Perhaps it could be morphed “somewhere” where I then could travel to with option to delete or to just remain in marked read “somewhere” folder to deal with at less restrictive time , such as lazy Sunday afternoon


      Tweak the bulk action so not only may I check the 10 or so currently displayed notices but check them off by whole page along bottom

      Further OR

      grant you access to my account where you can sneak in with bestgore wizardry and make them disappear in one fell swoop

      Current Password:

      “SassyMcfrassyWhatchyoutalkingaboutSillyOyecomo va Mi ritmo 111orangegreenOrange213Friday!”

      (case sensitive expires Thursday)

      Whichever is easiest. Thinking maybe a quick additional javascript or tweak to cappuccinocode would take alot less time than me manually deleting the absolute horror show I currentky got going on

      thanking you

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      Stay on unemployment insurance for now, as i might have a job for you, if the deal with Mark & I Goes Through.
      *No-Joke Desp* but That’s only if you’d would want-it, that is, cause i think that you would be perfect for the Top Job Along With A Couple Of Volunteers/Moderators, of Your Choice & Pick To Work Under You?? 🙂

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        @thedre sheeiiiiiiit (trying to say “shit” like black dude not looking right)

        that is the plan. I got 18 weeks left of the unemployment. Only 3 remaining with bonus pay but hell I could make do on $300 a week thereafter

        I want no part of BestFlatEarthGore


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      I now have 519 notifications.

      I cannot work under these conditions


      cc: admin 2nd request

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      It really would be helpful if the box for the check all was at bottom of page next to the controls required to complete said action

      I just decided to do a few pages each time I log in. I am at around 300 now. If no one talks to me I should be done by Friday 🙄

Viewing 3 reply threads
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