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      Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is Burning

      The Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam, also burned down at the exact same time:

      Mid April to May 1st is the time of each year when Satanic Jews perform occult rituals with “fire sacrifices”. Eight years ago a triple ritual took place on the occult dates of Walpurgis Night/Beltane in the City of London (the royal alchemical wedding), the Vatican (beatification of pope) and the District of Columbia (the burning of the straw man). Some false flags, like the Boston Bombing, also took place within the occult days. Boston Bombings and the Titanic sinking actually happened on the same day as the Notre Dame burning.

      Abraham Lincoln likewise died on April 15th – he printed debt-free currency that challenged the Jewish money power. The Titanic sinking killed the last few opponents of a private central bank in the US. It’s also the date they chose for the income tax deadline.

      Today, the 850 old iconic Notre Dame Cathedral has been burning in Paris. Though desecrations of catholic churches has been going on in France weekly for over a year (much as Jews were doing in the Soviet Union when they committed the largest mass murder in history of mankind by executing as many as 145 Million Slavic Christians) – only the Jewish press doesn’t seem too keen to report on it. You may need to look to Russia to read about it:

      Jewish media puppets, like Shep Smith, do their job ensuring the public doesn’t get informed on the burnings. He cuts off French Elected Official Philippe Karsenty after he brings up the fact that Churches in France have been desecrated in past year:

      Notre Dame housed the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the cross of Jesus.

      Jew says says being upset at the Notre Dame fire is white supremacy:


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      There is no doubt in my mind that this was not an accident. Someone wanted that cathedral burnt down to send a message.

      If anyone believes that France would allow its major drawcard and national symbol to be unwatched they need their head read.

      Someone with power did this, someone who is either DeepState or their minions. The power is the EU/Nato/Yanquistan and they form the Deep State with the Zionists a significant part of that . The Zionnatoyanquistani -led Moslems are the minions.

      It is not too hard to get a few Isis or dissafected French Moslems to do this but even they need cover and protection.

      Either way, this was to rip France apart and have it ever- dependent and /or to have it afraid so that Macron (a Frenchified Greek Jew if you ask me ) or the successor gov can enact some bullying legislation to strip rights of assembly and freespeech from the citizens.

      So who did it ? Us/euro arms industry,disaffected EU army heads, jihadis at American Deep state’s beck and call,Erdogan’s /qatar Jihadis (France is filled with Turks as well) ,Israel to keep its allies divided,Germany to keep its traditional enemy France down or The gulf state sheetwearers to scare France etc? Your guess is as good as mine.

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      Agreed 100% about Shepherd Smith. He’s nothing more that a token left leaning media personality on a conservative news network. Between him and Juan Williams, Fox News can continue to say “Fair and Balanced”. That’s the only reason that they are on Fox News.
      That said, I am a RAGING conservative and always will be but I get my news and information from many different outlets on multiple platforms. NBC, MSNBC and CNN make me vomit in my mouth but there are sometimes some factual news bit that one can extrapolate through the b.s.
      One thing is certain. No matter what news outlet(s) one chooses, it’s clear that Islam is a beast that, at this point, cannot be stopped from spreading. Islam is taking over the Western world from street level behaviors up to virtually every nations highest legislative entities. Strange though that Christianity is looked down upon by the moslums and Jews alike. Everyone hates everyon I guess.
      I need to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist. I won’t get into any great detail as to why I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I will say that I have enough on my plate as it is without worrying about things that I can’t do anything about.
      Having said that, here’s what I don’t fully understand and hopefully you can shed some light on this. If the Jews are responsible for both fires and the timing of both fires, and, if the Jews are in complete control of the media and control what we all see and hear, then why did the Jew opt to cover the Paris fire overwhelmingly over the Jerusalem fire? Saturating the media with the mosque fire would facilitate evil white supremacy claims dividing even further all of the races and religions. Burning a mosque in this day and age may be the greatest sin that any human could perpetrate, according to the media and subsequent popular mass thinking. Burning a symbol of Christianity should be celebrated by the Jew run media who love the moslums for reasons that I still cannot comprehend.



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        Haha. You say you are a raging conservative hinting you are proud of it. Being a Conservative or Liberal is no guarantee of knowing what it what . The aim is to know the truth and not give a fuck if you are called a Conservative or Liberal. I am Liberal on some topics and a Conservative on others.

        There is nothing wrong with being a “conspiracy theorist” . That is just an overused term that has become degraded by people making light of it all the time.This suits the Establishment that have a motive to keep things secret and those that know about it labelled fools. There is only a theory of conspiracies. A conspiracy either exists or it does not.

        Now , I have not said it was the zios that did this. It could be any of those i mentioned. Happy may disagree with the above and the following.

        Now ,let us assume it was the zios. Why not mention Al- aksa? Many reasons. They may be afraid of enraging Moslems all around the world and thus having diaspora Moslems attacking Jewish targets all around the world as well.

        Also ,the Zio and the Deep state play the long game. The zios cannot afford to upset Christian populations all over the world because many Jews live in the USA ie amongst Christians. To upset Christians in general and the USA goes against their best interests. So the zionist-controlled media must show the burning of the Cathedral because that is what is importaht to Christians.O

        The Zios and their Deep State collaborators must maintain both the influence over and the tolerance of Christians in the USA because Israel only achieves its aims with the help of the USA. If the USA is lost to Israel ,Zionism is over.

        On white supremacy. Israel cares not a fig for White supremacy. White supremacy means nothing on world affairs. Unfortunately ,white supremacists and middle America are only good as cannon fodder and voters of war-hungry policies that aid America and Israel.White supremacists have no political power anywhere. Look to America ,the Neocohens amongst the Democrats and the Zio cabal and Christian Evangelist Zionists amongst the Conservatives. Your parties are sown up well for Israel -First.

        I know you know much of this but I write it more for those who have an inkling of what is going on and whose thoughts have not crystallised yet.


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        Empty soul


        “if the Jews are in complete control of the media and control what we all see and hear, then why did the Jew opt to cover the Paris fire overwhelmingly over the Jerusalem fire?”.

        Money. Plain and simple.

        Over the last 24 hours there has been many billionaires offering and vowing to give hundreds of millions to the rebuilding effort and yet these very same money mad greedy fucks don’t give anything without there being something extremely valuable at the end of it all.

        Notre Dame Cathedral had been trying to raise money for years in order to fix the crumbling elements without much luck. In fact, the last two times I had been there I was asked for donations quite a few times.

        Now all of a sudden it burns down and there are billionaires offering hundreds of millions out of the kindness of their own hearts, not fucking likely.

        If you ask me this is a bidding war amongst the rich in order to rebuild and place into private hands the Cathedral. Wherein they will charge the public at least 20 Euros a time to visit the place and considering that there are many millions of visitors a year it will prove to be quite lucrative indeed.

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          Good point. Especially since it is highly likely that this money will be channelled through private foundations so these Billionnaires will tax dodge ,get to look like philanthropists and as you say likely control the cathedral finances.

          In all ,a public good will go into private hands and the only people able to afford going there will be Chinese tourists.
          Bye bye sweet French schoolchildren visiting their cultural icon for free or onsubsidised-rates.

          Have you seen the fat fuck who was entrusted to head the restoration before it burned down? Look him up -Mr le Bras-and tell me why France chose a company headed by a 32 year old rather than someone more orthodox or with more ability to pass the “pub test”. Was he the cheapest? Did he have contacts?
          If so ,what a win for free market economics ! The race to the bottom!


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          Forgive me @empty-soul.

          I actually addressed this more to you in response but put down Dan for some reason ,probs because it was in the back of my mind that he started asking re the role of the Zio Jews etc.

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          That makes a lot of sense. I guess that I sometimes forget that the Jews love money above all else and that they manipulate and control to that end. This is what I’m learning anyway.

          I try to keep my life and my world simple and comfortable so these global fuckeries of the masses by the elite most often escape my attention.
          I can see the Vatican pulling off a scam like this. Totally. But how does this tie in with the underhanded Jew?
          Is there some level of wealth and power where race, religion, etc… all takes a back seat to money?


          White supremacy is a huge factor. I didn’t mention Israel caring about white supremacy. I framed “white supremacy” in a diffrerent context. The Jew, if indeed controlling the media, uses it daily in order to sew discourse among the commoners such as myself. I’ve no idea what gets reported down under or how it gets reported. I can speak for the U.S. and say that not one hour goes by without the liberal monster showing it’s face and spewing hateful name calling and then attacks anyone who does not share thier views calling them racist, bigots, white supremacist and so forth. That’s a good thing though. The whole over the top, ridiculous levels of liberalism is essentially collapsing in on itself now. They have gone so far that even moderate to full blown liberals are afraid to speak out and put the brakes on the radicals for fear of being called out by a pack of 20something congress whores.
          Definitely interesting times in which we live. History books may not be kind to us, but they will certainly have a lot to say about us.

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          The American media greats set the tone for Aus media as well. The details may be a little diff but in no significant way.

          I don’t know what you mean by “the Jew using white supremacy to sow discontent amongst the masses etc” but I am happy to discuss it further if you wish.

          I still stand by what I said. I still think white supremacy means nothing on the world stage and even in America,as evidenced by white supremacists being part of Trump’s core voting bloc but still being unable to influence his policies. His inner circle has always been and will be Zionist or Christian Zionist. One look at the news will show you the preponderance of Jewish surnames in his circle. That may change and I hope it does but Israel is not afraid of White Supremacists yet and I don’t think it will be in the foreseeable future. If a gov comes to power in America without an influential Jewish presence in the inner circle of gov ,then Israel will be fearful. I think we have to accept that as fact just as I have to accept that Australia and even other euro countries have little influence . I don’t like it ,I try to change it but it is what it is presently.

          What you say about the liberals is true but I do not give free kicks and try to be non partisan. The vicious right also called anyone not subscribing to their views liberals. Etc.To say otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

          So the radical right and left are both the same to all intents and purposes. Too extreme in wanting everyone to do it their way and basing policy on emotion and hate rather than logic and evidence. I would hate to live under a hard right or hard left gov. Both shit for any country.

          We certainly live in interesting times and even that is part of a Chinese


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          We’re on the same page with white supremacy as far as being a relevant movement either politically or socially. There is no objective to be reached by shaving ones head, slapping on a swastika and marching about in the streets.
          When I say white supremacy, I’m referring to it as a label. The only liberal argument. When met with facts, they cry out, “Nazi!” “Bigot!” “White Supremacist” and so on. There is absolutely zero possibility of having a respectful, logical debate with these people. These are people who have been saturated with this liberal ideology from birth.

          Let me try this. I was recently invited to a get together with some friends from college. As the beers went down, politics came up. A girl with whom I graduated was going on and on about civil rights, equal rights, lgbtqiaxyz and shit. Nobody farted on her hotdog. Ok. Nobody yanked her panties over her ears, yet, when she started her rant she went from normal to full on hateful pissd off whore. Why? Why are they so fucking hateful? My brain told me to leave but my mouth was in charge that day. I asked her why she’s so angry. “Can’t people have opposing opinions on these topics? In what way are you being loving and tolerant at this moment?”
          She turned her attention to me and between F-bombs and tiny dick jokes, came a slew of assertions that I am a nazi. A white supremacist nazi!
          Her entire rant, including the lovely one-on-one with me was totally scripted by CNN and the likes then parroted by her and her liberal/democrat cohorts. MSM and social media is where these fags get thier marching orders. Now, if we can revisit the part where the Jews run the MSM and social media we can simply connect the dots.
          It plays out every hour of every day.
          To conclude, it really is impossible to suggest that white supremacy, as a label ad hominem style, is not a significant factor in our world today. The alternative is that the Jews do not actually run the show and would never weaponize words and labels.

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          I reckon you acted in a measured and appropriate way and that she is a bitter ,retarded,approaching – middle-age angry woman. A Rebel without a Cause if you will who has likely not been fucked with relish for a long time.

          If she was attractive you should have offered to give her one! Lol no joke! I mean it.

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          I can’t fuck ’em all Nem. I can’t fuck ‘me all.

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          True that! Well keep a few of the hot and /or fun ones on ice for me as well then.Tell them you have a Roving Aussie centre -left leaning mate who is not too particular about their political views etc. They just need to be hot and /or interesting. Tell them it will be their very own real life brush with wild dangerous Australian animals. All thrills ,spills and they get to live through it and have fun stories to tell their friends at parties.

          That should wet their panties for them. **Winks**

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          **Farted On Her Hot Dog**?? lol ?? lol?? C’Mon Man, That Was A Coffee Choker Brother.
          And Where Da-Fuck Do Come-Up With This Stuff Brother? Cause Honestly “You Da-Man” Dan.
          Have You Ever Considered Of Becoming A Stand-Up Comic Brother?? Cause You @Danaconda
          Are A Through & Through Natural My Man, And 100% So!

          And I’d Be Shocked If You Said That I Am The Very First Person To Have Ever Mentioned
          To You That You Are Incredibly Witty/Funny Dude. And That It Would Be A Wise Thing To
          Seriously Consider Entertaining The Idea, But Only If It Would Was Career Path/Choice
          That Would Enjoy Doing First. 🙂

          I Know For A Fact That You Would Succeed, And So Much So, That I Would Be Willing To Bet
          50-K On You, Just Knowing And With Absolute Certainty That You Would Becoming Another One
          Of Those Overnight Success Stories Dan. And With That Being Said,,, Could You Imagine The
          Amount Of Money That You’d End-Up Making.

          And Within No Time, You Would End-Up Making Some Appearances On Shows Like Saturday Night
          Live, & Such, And Making More Money In One Year That You Cold Ever Dream/Imagine Of Making
          In Your Whole/Entire Lifetime, Slaving For Low Wages My Man. Because You “*DAN-DA-MAN*” Got
          What It Takes To Make It Big In This Industry. I Have Never Been More Open, Honest, And 100%
          Sincere, About Anything In My Entire Life Dan,

          And It Would Be Nothing Less Than A Gross Understatement, To Say The Very Least, If We Were To
          Say (Cathy & I) Said That You Were Not Custom Made/Built ,lol, For This Competitive Industry When
          I Say That I Am (Not 100%) But Instead I Am 150% Totally Convinced, lol, After Reading, & Laughing
          Our Guts-Out, & Choked On Out Timmies, Meaning (Tim Hortons Coffee) A Canadian Thing, lol That All
          Of Us Canadians Must Suck-On On A Daily Basis Unless We Want To Be Cranky Fuckers All Day, lol.:)

          But All I Ask Brother Dan, Is That You Give-It Some Serious Thought cause This Truly Is Your Calling.

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      The hunchback did it.

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        “Thllip ..shlee gave me water…”

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        Doesn’t matter who did it. Those hunchbacks are all homeless now.
        Let’s hope that they don’t all show up in South Bend IN.
        Those funky humpbacks will be lurking about the top of the stadium and playing some creepy ass organ music at every Notre Dame home game.

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        Ha, Ha, B G Sister. As It Took Me Awhile To Get-It, but Now Remember That It Was The Title To An Old
        Classic Movie Made In The Around Mid-Sixties Perhaps??? Yep,,, “”**The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame**””
        Which I Think I Remember Seeing-It When I Was Realy Young. He Was This Hunchback, That Also Had Many
        Bumps/Lumps All Over His Body, And This Lazy-Eye Type-O-Thing Going-On That Had The Towns Young Kids
        All Scared And Terrified Of Him And Shit! But The Older Kids, (Or Teens) Were Not Afraid, So They
        Would Ridicule, Tease, & Hurt Him By Throwing Rocks At Him, Until They Realized How Truly
        Kind And Soft He Was After he helped someone, or people-out ??? during a fire, or the like??


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        More than just a hunch ?

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      On more thought ,another reason it may have been done was not to clamp down but to get the nation as a whole to unite behind Macron. Leaders love trouble because it generally gets an otherwise unpopular leader to be followed by all. Could Macron or his allies cooked this up as a way to get the French to forget Yellow Vests and ousting Macron?

      So a unified France once again hitched to the Zionnatoyanquistani train!

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      Holy-Fuck & (Literally) Mark.
      Cause That Is Quite Eerie, & Very Creepy to say the very least. I Never Heard, or saw anything on The Massmedia Jew-Owned CNN, FOX,,, OR NBC News About-It. And as all of You Who Know Me Well, know That I Always Watch The Mainstream Media Bullshit while also watching My Moscow (ONLY) R-T News, in order to compare the two, and this way being always able to compare the two, in order to be able to find-out what exactly is of Utmost Importance to Cover-Up, And Hide For the Jews.

      It Is And Has Been For Myself, and Many Others Also I’m Sure (THE VERY BEST WAY) To find-out what the Jewish Agenda Is To Go Along With Their Ongoing Massive Propaganda Campaigns That Fill The Airwaves whether in The News,,, T.V. Commercials,,, Movies,,, And Even Their Science Documentaries that in recent months have filled the Top T.V. Spots, or Time Slots. So The High Percentage Of which hits the airwaves (Sort Of Speak) is what they are concentrating on Indoctrinating/Brainwashing The Public At Large With. And I Say this as i’m sure ALL OF YOUR (PARENTS, INCLUDING MINE) Are Watching The 6 O’Clock News, And Sadly Believing Everything That They See, And Hear On IOt. How They Can Still be so affected by the complete control and take over of their minds is quite baffling and utterly disturbing to me, as i cannot do, or say anything to change their very minds as they look at me as the weirdo, and such!

      Now Because there was Little, to No Coverage Whatsoever Regarding This Holiest Site/Mosque For Muslims on This Second fire, but all attention given to “The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Instead” It Begs The Question,,, WHY??? It Tells Me That The Jew-Cunts Had Something To Do With This, The Second Fire Of The Holiest Of Muslim/Mosque Fire. I Was Blown Away To See This Forum Page That ark/happy Has Just Posted,,, And i mean, completely Blown Away.

      But In Closing,,,
      There Is One Thing That (I DO KNOW), And Know Well, And That Is That *THE DIRTY-JEWS* Have Been Very Busy With Their Mass Propaganda Campaigns In The Last Few Decades (Pinning Christians Against Mostly Innocent Muslims) In Order To Have The 2 Largest Religions Combined The World Over keep fighting while the The Jews Sit Back Laugh And Sell Arms To Both Sides While They Divide, And Quonker. So It Is Of Paramount Importance That You’s Do Not Get Caught-Up In This (Hate Mongering/Islamophobia) That The Jews Have Created As they know that with both us Christians, and Muslims Together we are a Force To Be Reckoned With, And The Only Ones That Could/Would Destroy Them The Jews, And Do So Like A Walk In The Park, Especially With Russia And Putin’s Incredibly Advanced, And Sophisticated Military Might On Our Side. So if All Stopped Listening To Their Lies, And Believing In Their False-Flag Wars,,, Joined Together,,, We Would Be Victorious, and could Start Living Our Lives Much In A Much Better, and More Economically Balanced Way. In Other Words, We’d Be Doing-So While Standing on Our Feet, Instead of Living Our Lives in Fear, And on Our Knees. And This I Am Positive @happy Would Agree With.

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        I also shed tears for countries that have central banks controlling their money supply. Whether it’s EU, or the United States going into Libya and Iraq. The Deep State wants/needs global control.

        I’m not going to discuss the Muslim topic, as it is too wide of a discussion to get in to. However, I will say this…

        I agree with you, on a reason to get a government’s people behind them…

        911 was a prime example, when there was a growing discontent towards Bush, regarding the 2000 election, and his corporate cronies wanting to bomb the Christ out of the Middle East. (primarily Afghanistan and Iraq) Macron’s discontent is growing as well. The Yellow Jacket demonstrations as you have mentioned, is a prime example. This is a result of central banks, draining a nation’s money supply through devaluing their currency. As a result, a nation has to deficit spend, (borrow money) to pay for the interest to the central banks, as opposed to funding social programs like healthcare, that the French people strongly embrace. This creates austerity. No social programs can ever survive, when big banks devalue a nation’s currency in this manner. Greece is a prime example.

        And since the sheeple are reactive by nature, throwing religion into a catastrophe is a surefire way, to get a country behind their corporate leaders ASAP!

        Yes, their have been hurendous violence against Christians throughout the world. However, there’s been countless violence towards other religions as well.

        One has to ask themselves…

        If this was a synagogue, masque, temple or other place of worship, would this be reported in the mainstream media like this event? I think not.

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          I agree with almost everything you say. I only disagree with you on the levels of violence committed by Christians on others. Yes ,Christians have committed violence on others such as in The Crusades. You do not mention however that Moslems conquered that area with blood and steel since 600s AD from the Christians and preyed on the Christians and still do! Even now in Egypt, Turkey,Iraq,Syria etc.

          So Moslems have preyed on Christians for longer ,with more Massacres of a more violent nature. If one life is worth another life then the balance of violence still weighs more heavily on the Moslems committing it upon Christians.
          Since ISIS came about in around 2011 there have been maybe one or two Christian priests being beheaded in France. Turkey has had up to ten which are still unsolved and perpetrators are still not looked for.At least France has tried to hunt them down.

          You heard about the beheading of the French priest maybe a year ago. Did you hear about the beheadings of Christian priests in public in Turkey ? I bet you didn’t.Why not? Because Erdogan and Turkey was still the Us’s chum at that stage.

          So to conclude ,no …Muslim terror still vastly outweighs Christian terror.


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          First of all Hoping, I never stated violence originating from Christians. I did however, state that violence has been done TO Christians, as well as other religions. Organized religion is violent in nature, whether it’s Christians, Muslims or whatever religion that one wants to carry upon their sleeve.

          What I find disturbing, is the fact that many blame Muslims for 911…

          We are repeating an era of McCarthyism, when it was imperative for McCarthy to convince the media, that Russia is our enemy, or that Unions are destroying the economy of America.

          I have news for you. Muslims had nothing to do with 911. However, our government’s hatred towards it people did.

          Compliments of Christianity and McCarthyism.

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          I reread your post and I apologize . I misread it! My bad. Lol

          I agree with you re 9/11. If we are to believe there were Saudi terrorists that died in a plane crash bringing down buildings then yes Moslems were involved. However, A leading scientist has proven those buildings could never have come down without controlled demolition charges in place BEFORE a plane or missile hit those buildings.

          Taking other evidence into account,It certainly appears that Israeli intelligence was actively involved in bringing down those buildings and responsible for i/ts huge death toll or at least knowing about it in advance and not forewarning the Us.

          It is more likely it was a joint Israeli US DeepState operation to bring the US and NATO sheeple vassals into a war against the Moslem states.

          I hate McCarthyism and the bashing of unions. Any rights workers have today are due to sacrifices of life made by organised labour especially one hundred years ago.

          Till next time friend.


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      the same khazars gave you all space travel and the globe earth as well. funny how the shills believe that shit, but this shit is definitely the “jews”. the same shills push the holohoax. fake suckhole cunts.

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        You Got-It Brother, As You Took Da-Words Outta My Mouth,,, But It Wasn’t While You Were Kissing Me Brother, As We
        Are Not Da-Fucken-Fagot-Types,,, As Only Da **8 Day-Old-Baby-Boy Cack-Sucken** Fagot-Jew-Fucks Would Be That Gay!
        And Oh Yea,,, And Before I Forget,,,I Also Sent You Yet Another Friendship Request (I Think That were now up to 7645 Times) so far, lol, 😉

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      Fire Intentionally Set

      The TIME columnist said Notre Dame’s fire was arson. Minutes after being posted, the tweet was deleted without any explanation.

      • #187860
        Seraphim Serenata

        Now someone needs to burn down the Vatican… but get all those history records out first, that actually explain true human history…

        • #187990
          Muja Mi Rona

          The filthy rich Vatican says thanks for the kind donations though.

      • #188105

        Fuck Mark,
        I Would Not Doubt-It One Bit, As It Could Be Another Australian-Jew-Pig Gone Full-Retard, Pissed-Off Cause They Know That Their Abra-Cadabra-haministical-Days Of Sucking-On 8 Day-Old Baby-Boy Cacks Are Soon Coming To An End, lol.

        So They Will Have To Start Raping Their Cunty-Daughters, And Pretend That Their Clit-Hoods, Are Foreskins And Chewing on Their Long-Nosed, Inbred, & Bearded-Smelly-Hoods Instead, Those Fucking Dirty Hiding In Australia & New-Zealand Jew-Pigs! 😉

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      I see a lot of gnashing of teeth for this cathedral in a Fukus country (France,UK,us) . Yet where are your tears for the Christian cathedrals in Zio -ruled Ukraine ,Moslem-ruled Turkey (600 years of Muslim occupation) and Syria (Moslem occupied 1400 years but safe under Assad)?

      Fellow Christians and sympathisers , What .. these places don’t register with you? Are you even aware of where the Early Church took root and was visited by St Paul? No ,It wasn’t Italy and France . It was Syria and what is now Turkey!

      So if you cry for France ,make sure you shed some tears for the Near East where Churches are torched and Christians are beheaded TODAY!

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      Muja Mi Rona

      I like all of this vidja

      And I like the middle part of this vidja, the middle part.

    • #188141

      Hahah. Very true. Just as Judaism is a heretical offshoot of Canaanite Religion, Christianity also started off as a heretical offshoot of Judaism.


      P.S Teacher’s hat on.

      Although France was called Gallia and the French are known to be the descendants of a base of Gauls ,the latter existed in most of Europe and even in what is now known as Turkey! Heard of the Epistles to the Galatians? : In What is now Turkey ,way before Turks arrived in What is now Turkey for it to become known as Turkey. In the old days,before the Turk (Moslems)arrived , Europeans called Turkey, Asia Minor ,which was a major part of the Byzantine Empire: Christians.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Homeboy reckons the fire was a sequence in a magickal battle. And he and others say that the cathedral was built on top of a Roman temple devoted to Vulcan, God of Fire.

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