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      Hey guys-

      I wasn’t quite sure where to put this but I wanted to share…

      I live in the states (Pittsburgh specifically) and in September I’m going to observe an autopsy 🙂

      I am NOT in the medical field, I’m just an average curious person. I began calling different counties asking about their policies about people observing. After getting a ton of “no’s”, I spoke with a medical examiner of a smaller county, and he said “if you have an advisor email me, and tell me that this will be beneficial to your education, I’d love to have you”.

      Only problem, home girl ain’t in university no more. So, I signed up at my local community college for MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (identifying all the body parts, FREE!), and my new advisor emailed the medical examiner.

      So, he said to expect a call ANY time of day from September 1 and on. Once an “appropriate case” comes up, he phones me and I come running! “Appropriate” meaning no children, no homicides and NOTHING that has police involvement. So, it’s probably going to be an old lady, but I don’t care! I was hoping to get some sweet video for you guys, but I doubt this guys gona be okay that that (do you think I should even ask? He’s being so generous already…)

      I just wanted to share because I always thought that this was soooo off limits, but all counties have different policies and this is something we ARE ALLOWED TO DO! This medical examiner even seems excited to have me. I’m really hoping to get some good footage for you guys, but if not, at least shed some light and get some more of you in there! I can’t be the only one wanting to do this….right guys??



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      That sounds like it would be really interesting. It’s something that I would do if I was given a chance. As far as getting video goes, it’d be super badass, but meet the medical examiner and try to feel the situation out before you ask. If it doesn’t seem inappropriate, then go for it. I hope that it’s a positive experience for you and you learn a lot.

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      Wear a discreet GoPro, I doubt they’d mind, they just wouldn’t want you to capture evidence of them fiddling with the bodies – as they do.

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      Hey thanks guys 🙂 I shall do my best to get something….anything

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      Lord Wankdust

      I would suggest that you go and watch and take it all in. See what has to happen. Observe the procedures. Take it in. Make notes. Be interested and amazed. Let what is happening in front of you wash through you and allow yourself to be affected by it. Make notes. Take in the unsettling feeling. Look at those tools! Write it up and write a post here on BG about your experience, what you had to do to get in, where you were seated, the theatre set-up etc. The cuts (the good ol’ Sailor’s Bib), the removal and weighing. The consolidation afterwards.
      It is a humbling experience. Be respectful. If not to the corpse, the Coroner or the medical staff working there… then at least to yourself.
      I’ve been at a couple. Family. Held a cold hand at one.

      Don’t wear a Go-Pro. That would be the actions of a dickwad. A sensationalist and a pathetic Disney-type. You will be thrown out and not allowed back. You will also be ashamed of yourself. We don’t need any more crap footage on here. We need good experiences, well told, good writing, full descriptions, proper stuff – not some vicarious shit that some dweeb neck-craner at a road accident shoots in the wrong aspect-ration on a wrong-way-up phone. No-one needs that.

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