One of First Las Vegas Shooting Videos May Have Captured Second Shooter

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      This guy talks about why he believes one of the first videos of the Las Vegas Shooting may have captured the second shooter. An RV was mentioned in the police scanner (34:30 through 35:21), including reports of a man wearing camouflage carrying a black bag coming from the area of the alleged shooting at the Tropicana and going into a motor home at the Motel 6.

      Original video:


      Screenshot 1

      Screenshot 2

      Screenshot 3


      Location Pic 1

      Location Pic 2

      Location Pic 3

      Location Pic 4

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      Forensic Evidence

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        Whoever he is…he can come find me. Hit me with your best shot dude, I’m waiting and ready!

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      If there was a second shooter besides Paddock just goes to show how stupid people are…
      More than 22 thousand people got caught sleeping, completely sleeping…
      To me it wouldn’t have made the slightest of difference if Paddock singled manly killed 58 people or if he would’ve killed all 22,000 of them.

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      Independent forensic acoustic analysis of Remington .223 verifies 2 shooters; 1 at 400ish yards and 1 at 250ish yards. That is IF he wasn’t shooting different ammunition that AR style rifles are capable of chambering .300 blackout ect….. BUT he would have to be firing these rifles simultaneously and unless this guy was duke nukem I doubt he was shooting two high powered rifles simultaneously outfitted with bump stocks and tripods because those two attachments counteract each other.

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      Didn’t even see the video was posted above

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      John Nigger

      I watched the raw feeds shortly after the shootings. I didn’t look at the emerging story from msm. I took a clear look at the feeds from the perspective of a professional combat veteran and weapons expert. In two of the early videos I made out three distinct weapons firing from three different directions and ranged/locations. The largest was a M-240B firing from over 800 yards from the NE I recognize it’s distinctive sound and cycle rate. The second weapon fired was a M249 it was fired from 400 yards away also coming from North of the major impact are. The M249 fires the enhanced 5.56 NATO The third weapon fire came from Mandalay from the East and was a AR platform. There was for sure at least 3 shooters for sure. The patsy had conveniently every type of legal AR variants with any modification you could imagine, laying to orgy of evidence for the gun grabbers. Politics aside, this was an assault innocent people, there is an orgy of evidence out there being totally ignored that there is much more to this story that the powers that be have no intention of sharing with the public. Now that is the real tragedy here.

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