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    Art moco
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    So I”ve been away from this site for a few weeks or so, though I have been briefly stopping by once in a while, and noticed a change to our cute banner girl (just Forum page?). If i remember, wasn’t the pic a bit more edited, not so clear and all 4k sharp-ish like it is now? Also the new font looks freako neat:P

    Anyway, just what is her story?

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    Mos Deth
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    Google her.

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      Art moco
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      you’re no fun mos D.

      Yes, i’ll just google ‘banner girl on bestgore site.’ 😛

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    Seraphim Serenata
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    The banner changes almost Everytime you visit..

    Would be cool to get Mark to clarify once more where this ultimate bitch on a stick comes from

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      Art moco
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      actually i think i found some stuff about the bitch on a stick photo. The face is shopped on it. There is a post about it here on the website.

      But my question is.. what is the story behind the real bitch on a stick. Is it from a movie, or someone really was roasted like a pig over a fire? 😀

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        Hoping for Nemesis
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        Yes many people have been really roasted over a fire. Many thousands . It was obe of the famous tortures of the Turks who ruoed what is much of the Balkans andbEastern Euripe for a stretch.

        This spitting and roasting,flaying alive and impalement were their favourite jerking -off fetishes. Almost all victims were….you guessed it Christians! It happened even until about the 1990’s in Yugoslavia when the Turks/moslems exterminated or pushed out all Christians from their lands.

        American handlers did not have το look far for Isis techniques. They just pulled out books from the history section of the library. Isis even baked some Christians into bread in Syria. Thar is right! Your tax dollars went to Moslems to kill your fellow Christians and make then into bread in an oven!


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