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      With the site struggling to survive due to lack of funds, I don’t see why does not switch to some sort of yearly membership fee while making 90% of content available to MEMBERS ONLY.

      Our community is large and powerful and fucking FAITHFUL as fuck. We can do this.

      I don’t know the particulars of how much we could charge but $3/month or $30/year seem pretty fucking reasonable.

      Excuse my language, this just seems like a dire need and the website brass should be willing to make it. For one, it would get rid of these stupid fucking advertisements that force many people (including my mom) to cover the right side of the screen with paper. It would also add some credibility to a site that often the ONLY bastion of truth.



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      Well, for one, i have suggested we do this quite a few years ago, and to my surprise, i never got a reply. But, in all fairness, it was while Mark was going through all his stressful court crap, so understandably enough he probably did not read it! We have had some very successful fundraisers in the past, that surprisingly enough, did quite well, in a short period of time. So for me, a membership fee would be reasonable being that Mark supported this site alone for many years, with the exception of a handful of generous gore lovers from around the world, who emptied their wallets, and donated generously! So your idea @reef_flipflops sound good to me! And Secondly, i know how much Mark loves his home page with the Chinese Roaster, but so many times i have tried to show family, and friends a post, that was not even gore related, but a documentary about the HOLOHOAX, but the second that they saw that stick coming thru her mouth, all i got was your SICK, why do you watch this stuff, and they would walk away! I sucks because i think that if the front page was less morbid, that many would give it a try. Hey,,, but that,s NOT my call, and to be honest, i like it too, lol.

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      I would pay! You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone for real! I didn’t realize how much best Gore was a part of my daily routine!

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      Here Here! I’m disabled on a fixed income. So needless to say that I don’t have a lot of extra money floating around. Still, all things considered I’m here for the truth, raw reality,and a non-judgmental environment of like minded people who care about the state of our world as a whole. With the traffic that this site gets for the shock value alone its enough to fund it. This site could be the beginning of a global awakening and revolution of minds as long as we all keep our eyes on a common goal. Long Live Best Fucking Gore!

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      I’m still willing to pay for a membership or even a app for this site and notifications and updates every hour with a better message or to like and share a video tools I would gladly pay a yearly fee to help support and keep this site running to its full potential

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      I’d pay and I think it would weed out spammers and trolls too.

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      IMO…….I would pay if the site was more updated and visually more eye catching, with more custom template. I’m a stickler for the visual. but as of now the way I see it… death is free so why not the BG…

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