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      Persecuting the messenger, is a tactic of DENIAL.

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      Bolshevik Girls

      I think you should lure your foes over to America and bash them properly with a baseball bat.

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      Did this really need its own thread?

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      Lord Wankdust

      He feels persecuted.

      This is mommy’s basement-dweller who actually starts threads to make ad hominem attacks on men. Men who have gone their own way, on their own terms but have successfully managed to manoeuvre their way without @llyounghitlerll ‘s 1990’s-style “mind-maps” and primitive memes with which @llyounghitlerll plasters the walls of his basement ghetto. For some reason people are not worshipping his cut’n’ pasted icons as messages from a Demi-God.

      Not bowing down and worshipping him as some obedient disciple of his Sub Marxist 101, over-simplistic directed counselling and feminazi-switch hitter stance… well in his eyes that can only mean he is being persecuted.

      He is of course attention seeking because he has to wait another year for the next birthday diddy-ride from mommy. The ghost of Freddie Mercury and his five o’clock shadow haunts that basement. As does the whiff of Liberace’s cologne. He bears the stubble burns of George Michael on his ringpiece.

      It wants attention. Shall we feed it?

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