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      Jonathan Marroquin

      I LOVE BG! I go on here at least once a day. I’m Jonathan and from San Antonio, Tx. Well, one thing is for sure, I’m definitely a huge perv. I love seeing women, I’m into restraints and BDSM. I love to pull hair, and LOVE white women. I play video games and am a General Manager for a restaurant. I’m Profesional during the day, but a Pervert at Large by night. Anything you want to know, just ask! How is everyone tonight??

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      I’ve always wondered about you managers of fine dining restaurants. Fact is, you’re not as perverted as you think. You didn’t say anything about piles of naked bodies having group sex. You didn’t admit to enjoying men as well as women sucking you off. And you certainly didn’t indicate any interest in visiting the penis museum. So that makes you pretty normal, average and mainstream. Not pervy at all.

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      as a perv, hopefully your soft spot is not your penis

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